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    Well, after much research, I narrowed my choices down to two motorhomes.
    One, advertised privately and the other advertised at a dealers.
    The private sale was for a Dethleffs which ticked all of my boxes and was advertised as including the remaining warranty from the dealership that he'd purchased it from.
    The one advertised at a dealers was for a EuraMobil which similar in spec to the Dethleffs provided a good alternative to compare with.
    I went to view both.
    Both were in equally good condition.
    However, I'd one my homework on both beforehand.

    The Dethleffs - according to the sellers Facebook page, he had broke down on the Continent last year and had to have a new gearbox fit.
    Upon questioning him during viewing, I asked if he'd ever had any issues with the clutch or the gearbox as I'd read about 'Juddergate' - he said no, it drives how it should do.
    I asked him if he had ever had cause to claim on the warranty - he said no.
    Bit of an alarm bell ringing situation now going on at the back of my head.
    Asked about the servicing and habituation checks, he had the last service carried out at a local independent garage but hadn't bothered with the habitation check.
    OK - will think about it and will be in touch.

    Drove on to view the EuraMobil.
    This was advertised last month on Ebay for £45k.
    The dealer was now charging £48995, but including a service and habitation check and 3 years warranty.
    I made contact with the original seller via Ebay. He confirmed that the motorhome was owned by a finance house and the dealer was selling it on behalf of the finance company and, if I was interested, to go view it and go back to him and he would liaise with the finance company.
    I went to view it and advised the sale man (who was like my shadow - even when I dropped hints to be left alone to view, he didn't take the hint) it was between this and a private sale and could we negotiate.
    He confirmed to me that money wasn't the issue here and that it was down to personal choice between the two makes. - ( A) - I think I know my own budget thank you!
    He then asked if I would be buying today? - I said no, I would return if the price was right and give my wife the opportunity of viewing it before buying, to which he replied, well its pointless negotiating any price then. - (B) - I had trailed 130 miles to view this van, I think that makes me a serious customer who's interested in buying.
    After me pushing the salesman to negotiate, he said that he could throw in a gas cylinder and other odds & ends and would be able to knock £1000 off the asking price.
    Knowing that the van was fully loaded when advertised on Ebay (spare wheel, 5 leisure batteries, gas cylinders etc) and now missing the spare wheel, gas cylinder and 2 out of the 5 batteries, this didn't really sway it for me.
    A reluctance to further negotiate unless I bought it there and then was also off-putting.
    Maybe I should have advised the dealership of my findings and conversation with the Ebay owner?
    I decided to leave it and left - thinking that the Dethleffs was the one for me.

    So, I returned with my wife to view the Dethleffs.
    With some persuasion, it was decided that this was the one for us - subject to agreeing on price, but also knowing that he's been a bit economical with some of his answers.
    The negotiation on cost hit a stalemate.
    The cost could be reduced on proviso that I sorted my own habitation check out.

    In order for the warranty to remain valid, a habitation check should have been carried out.

    Catch 22 - if I bought the motorhome and then had a habitation check carried out which in return highlighted issues, I would have to pay for those issues sorting out.
    If I paid his price, he would sort out the habitation check.

    In my view, I'm up to my limit price-wise and he should have had his habitation check carried out anyway to keep his warranty in check.
    After speaking with the warranty company and asking generic questions, I've found that if his habitation check was due in say June'14 - which would have been 12 months from his last annual habitation check, his warranty would be in check. If he was a month or more over outstanding on his habitation check, this would void his warranty.
    So, it looks like his warranty isn't worth didly squat.
    Then there's the issue of his gearbox and lack of forthcoming with answers.

    So, it looks like the deal is now dead in the water on both motorhomes.
    I don't fancy a tug of war with the love triangle involved with the Euramobil and the deal has been soured now with the Dethleffs as it seems all is not what it seems with it.

    I never thought spending circa £45k would be this hard.
    it's back to the drawing board.

    If you know of anyone thinking of selling a Dethleffs A7871 2009 onwards with the rear U shape lounge, then let me know. i may be interested.
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    Sep 12, 2012
    boy oh boy aren't you having fun.
  3. The Wino

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    Mar 23, 2012
    May be more around after the NEC show why not post a wanted ad in case someone is thinking of trading in what you want may work for you both rather than line a dealers pocket

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    I think its happened to most MH buyers, it certainly has to me. If you find a seller hasn't been forthcoming or is telling outright lies even, about the smallest of things, then I would advise pulling out there & then. There are plenty of honest sellers out there so why bother with the ones you think or know are shady

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