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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by 6pm Cowboy, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. 6pm Cowboy

    6pm Cowboy

    Jun 26, 2009
    South Oxfordshire
    I don't have a Motorhome yet so I may be talking out of my rear end ( God knows it's big enough ) but I am guessing if you intend to spend any length of time in a MH then you need to change the way you do things.

    When I get ours ( when ? ) I am hoping to spend two or three months away in it at a time but I am wondering what I will need to change...... cant carry to many clothes, cant let the washing up pile up til the dishwasher is full, cant take long leisurely showers..... that kind of stuff.

    What really changes..... or stays the same ?
  2. jomel


    Jul 31, 2009
    Clevedon, Bristol
    Im going to watch this thread too as we are in the same boat. Dont own a MH yet but will soon. We will be full time by spring at the latest.

    My biggest thing is making sure all the washing is done. I have been racking my brain as to how to keep the load down whilst on the move.

    Washing machine is a possibility, then someone said they put detergent and dirty washing in a bucket with a lid on in the shower area and by the time they stopped again it was agitated and washed, but the rinsing and wringing and drying?. Not a problem if you are in sunny Spain I spose.

    I also like baking and have a feeling there wont be many cakes and pasties being made in the motorhome as it will use up a lot of gas??
    I am however insisting on taking my craft box and painting stuff for rainy days.
  3. ourcampersbeentrashed

    ourcampersbeentrashed Funster

    Apr 19, 2008
    East London
    We have a very small motorhome compared to many but for the three of us it suits our needs. We also do not go away for months at a time. Three weeks is the longest we have been away without coming home.

    Cant comment on very long trips but for us, there are not too many changes.

    You do need to look at your storage capacity and what you need to take rather than what you want to take.

    We take some extra cups but keep a small store of plastic cups and plates for any "visitors" and have just the crockery that came with the camper and in case of breakages.

    I only wash up once a day - we put all the washing up in a bucket which we tend to stick under the camper and do it in the evening after dinner.

    Clothes washing I do by hand (daily-after the washing up) and it doesnt take long. If you are mainly going to be touring sunny countries (ie not england) :ROFLMAO: they dry very quickly. There are good handwashing powders and liquids in quite handy sized bottles and bags. You can also buy small hand operated washing machines which dont take up much space.

    In England there are still plenty of laundrettes around, so if you are going to fulltime Jomel this is an option. Some sites have laundry facilities and hire irons/ironing boards out, so a one night stop at such a site if you are touring but wildcamping may be worth the cost. There are loads of small or portable washing lines on the market that wont take up much space. You could also have a makeshift one in the shower room for those rainy days.

    I dont think the mh gas ovens use up any more gas than my own oven at home. You can cook cakes and pastries etc its just a question of getting used to a different style of oven. Some can be quite small and will just about hold a chicken so no room for the roast potatoes on a separate shelf etc. But check all this out when you are looking - take a baking tray with you and a tape measure. Same with fridges and fridge freezers, not every style fits every motorhome so make sure it will store what you need.

    We always have some paints in the camper a pack of playing cards as they are so versatile and a few small games for those rainy nights as we dont always take a television with us.

    As for long leisurely showers, many campsites have their own showers etc so why not indulge yourself.

    If you are going abroad, be careful what you stock your fridge etc with as customs may confiscate certain foods.

    Hope this helps a little. I am sure other more experienced funsters will have some brilliant tips for you xxxx
  4. Sundowners

    Sundowners Funster Life Member

    Oct 30, 2007
    Suffolk/Central Portugal
    I like this thread!!!!!!!!
    you only have to change what you want to !!! It depends what you expect out of life while you are on the road. The main thing is making the most of what is available now,like , when water is available --use it, shower, wash clothes, wash van, fill tank as you leave, that kind of thing. BUT don't abuse /waste it.
    If you intend to use campsites all the time, things like water, gas & electric etc will be available every day.
    If you freecamp, it's good to spend a couple of nights on a campsite when you need to use these facilities, so as not to abuse free supplies. You will work out how long gas & elec last with experience and learn to carry/use what you need for a certain period "away".
    An oven does not use so much gas, so cook what you want (and give us a shout when you have spare!!!!)
    You can spend as long as you want in the shower----as long as you are prepared to cart water and dump waste !!!
    Interesting to see what others say !!!!
    Nigel & Pamala
  5. hilldweller

    hilldweller Funster Life Member

    Dec 5, 2008
    You seem to have it sussed already. You have to be efficient. You have limited supplies, water, gas, electricity, washing waste and poo waste. Limited space.

    Things are easier and more expensive if always on campsites.

    But the facilities inside for washing and cooking are very civilised.
  6. vwalan

    vwalan Funster

    Sep 23, 2008
    roche cornwall
    think you said it all. we have a full size cooker like the one at home. pasties , oven baked fish,joints no probs. waterhave to be carefull. wash clothes when you can.
  7. dikyenfo


    Aug 29, 2007
    This is why we use a trailer for everything loose and it matches the MH - curtusy of ifor Williams. We like to do 3 months in france and spend an average of 2 weeks at each place. A 3x3 metre tent [Sunncamp] with 4 doors and nets holds the extra fridge with a camp kitchen for a gas cooker and electric french style oven. There is room for table and chairs and putting up the rotary dryer if wet outside. We wash clothes with a Pasasonic bubble bucket and find this is big enough. This frees up the van for driving as there is almost no packing to do before driving off. O MH is small but ideal when you consider that the cost of the trailer was a grand but if you put the same space into ehe MH as a garage the cost goes up to 10 grand. Happy camping.
  8. DESCO


    Mar 11, 2009
    I think if touring as we do the main tip I would give is as you finish with something put it away, that way it only takes minutes to get underway. As for the rest if you have site facilites make full use of them, while they are there, you have paid for them use them.
    Don't forget the barby you can cook a lot on one of these gas or charcoal.

    Last edited: Aug 22, 2009

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