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Sep 8, 2012
bexhill on sea
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Hi can anyone help , we have a Burstner Nexxo Family A694 with a large rear over hang, we have notice that the rear of the van feels like it is starting to sag.
Looking under the van there are no Chassis Extension from the ford chassis just a very flexible metal frame.

As the rear overhang has the bathroom, two 13kg gas bottles , bike rack and bikes , garage and bunk bed on it!!!

We have just returned from France where we bumped into a French family with the same camper apart from the Chassis Extension and tow bar fitted under the van.
I have spoken to Burstner and to Ford and they do not do a bolt on extension.

Has anyone else had this problem or any other ideas, I have spoken to a fabrication company who think they should be able to make some extensions.

Many Thanks Matt
Aug 6, 2013
Kendal, Cumbria
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If the rear of the van sags even a few millimetres either the sidewall would crack, or the roof to rear panel joint would part, or furniture inside the van would part company with the wall, or the floor would break away from its connection to the wall. Or all those effects and more. Are you sure it's not just the rear suspension a bit lower than the front? How have you felt it sagging?
Dec 12, 2010
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You can't have that amount of overhang without some support fastened to the original chassis, my Burstner has supports bolted to the Renault chassis just by the spring hangers. There is some adjustment available to these when first fitted, your bolts haven't worked loose or broken off perhaps ?

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