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Oct 9, 2019
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The company I worked for before retirement operated around a hundred company cars. All had to complete at least 100,000 miles before being replaced.
A percentage were put on an oil change regime, whereby the oil was tested at intervals. Then it would be changed or not, based on the test results.
Some cars covered huge mileages without oil changes and they had no engine failures.
The company saved a great deal of money.

Did anyone check if the 2nd owners had to replace engines at 110,000 miles ?
just asking 🥴

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Aug 7, 2019
Worcester (UK)
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Autograph 794-T
I'm a newbie
Prior to buying my 2017 Bailey Autograph 79-4T (Boxer based) the oil was changed by an independent garage who couldn't reset the oil change light so it came on 12 months too soon - ie 1 yr instead of 2. I took it to my local Peugeot dealer to get it reset for another 12 months and they were quite hostile towards me demanding who did the service and before they would consider resetting the light they also demanded to know in writing the make / grade and even the quantity of oil used and even the part number of the oil filter. Unbelievable. Fortunately the garage supplied all the info and they eventually relented and reset the light by plugging in a laptop. Took over 4 hrs of arguing with the and the van wasn't even in its warranty.
I would add that the service receptionist spoke to the previous garage over the phone to obtain all the info but she demanded it in writing in an email. When she received it she didn't even read it, screwed it up and threw it in the bin in front of me! At that point I was just about to blow my top but I needed the light resetting as I was just about to go into limp home mode. The van not me:LOL:. Very stressful.

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Aug 22, 2007
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When is 2 years not 2 years
Post 4

Yes but I did say previously:

Why not get the oil checked first, if it's okay no need to the change.

So if the oil is checked then the OP would know.