WHITBY - Pier has been closed; campaign to keep it open

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    Aug 15, 2009
    :helpsos: All Funsters that have ever been to Whitby will know the beauty of the place with its two piers. Indeed we have the Whitby Gothic Weekend coming up very soon.

    With effect two weeks ago the pier was shut and the great fear now is that it will remain shut and fall into further disrepair (as per Brighton) like other fine English piers that we had abundant on our coastline.

    There is a campaign to keep them open that is starting. The report that has condemned the pier is available to read .

    The news has been broken to the community this week in the local paper.

    Feelings are obviously running high and there is shock as the piers were in use till two weeks ago when they were shut.

    Save Whitby Piers!! is an active facebook page for anyone on facebook.

    Please support the pier campaign they are important as another part of our history goes tubular if people do not show that they care.

    Thank you

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