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Jan 31, 2022
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70s camper,Weinsberg
Bringing our van here tomorrow before we go away until new year and would like some help on what to look for. Have contacted Van weight engineering and SV Tech before crimbo so will catch up with them in the new year on options. Will look at Vin plates but mentioned in another comment our V5 it has been incorrectly filled in when purchased new other month and we have weighed it fully loaded, full tank of fuel, gas and passengers at 3460kg. How can we tell if our altro chassis is light/medium, our tyres are 16"CP rated at 116 each but unfortunately we need another weighbridge as our local one is ramped so total weight not individual axles.
If we uplate will this affect Fiat assistance recovery as we have full cover and will we need to adjust headlight beam at an MOT station, will any costs travelling be increased abroad with what we presume will be a new vehicle class.
Once we have weights can open another can of worms about tyre pressure on our michelin tyres currently at 70 psi all round as like to not be rattled at 80 psi...
On a 2022 Fiat Ducato I believe front discs are 280mm but unsure of rears without scrabbling under van and measuring them and if we look on motor factors number plate always comes up unknown, this maybe as its not a factory built vehicle..


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Feb 16, 2020
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Absolute beginners.
Do you hold a C1,or an HGV licence, either would allow you to drive over 3500kg?
Almost certainly, subject to the above you can have the van uplifted to carry an increased load, which S.V. or VWE will confirm.
Brakes are probably not an issue, unless you're going much heavier.
Adjusting the headlights, if required is also a minor thing.
Partial air suspension such as Air bags on the rear may be required to get the full upgrade your chassis allows, however, this does firm up the ride, but also takes our the harshness of 80psi, on the rear end tyres.
Depending on the uplift you want, the existing tyres may well be OK., see below, but the engineering firm will tell you what they need to make the vehicle compliant for their certification.
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