Update on my blown electrics and faulty fridge

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Coolbeanz, Aug 27, 2013.

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    Feb 26, 2013
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    Well luckily for us the electrics have recovered from the accidental overload. ::bigsmile: No clearer what the fault was but we borrowed a friends lead tonight and everything works again. He tried our lead and reported it was fine. Maybe it was just sulking or there is an intermittent fault lurking ready to catch us out again :Sad: The fridge has recovered too. We didn't think it was a gas supply problem as we had the cooker on at the time however 20 minutes later we ran out of gas just as we had finished cooking. We connected another bottle tonight and hey presto a working fridge ::bigsmile: I guess the fridge didn't like that the bottle was so low. Thanks to Papa John and everyone else for the info, it was a huge help and the trip switch now works. We are so glad all these little things keep happening whilst we are still in the UK. It has been a huge learning curve since we bought our first MH last November, now all I need is to find a less power hungry hairdryer as I think the old man may make me shave my head if I blow the electrics again :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    pleased you got it sorted.

    looks like the lead was the problem with the electric.......
    it could have a broken wire either in the plug, socket or anywhere along its entire length and moving the lead has remade, temporarily, the connection.

    I know the h/u leads aren't cheap, but if thats the case then it will happen again sooner or later (probably sooner than later) and next time it could cause a fire in the lead if the two broken ends start to spark.

    my advise is bin it, from a safety aspect.....unless it just disconnected in the plug or socket and can be repaired.

    as for the gas.....the hob would need a bigger, and freer,(is that a proper word ?:RollEyes:) volume of gas than the fridge so the hob would take precedence over the fridge if the pressure was low....hob = big jet, easy to push through...fridge = tiny jet, hard to push through.
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