TyrePal - valve extenders, balancing and can you "cheat" the monitor with x8 sensors for x2 vehicles? (1 Viewer)


Nov 24, 2021
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Cheyenne 632 SE
Hello Everyone,
I'm looking to get one of these systems (TC215, I think, rather than the new Solar Pro one, as the display seems a bit clearer), having randomly come across a #BobEarnshaw YouFace video about them...

Couple of questions please...
1) I was thinking of getting the x8 sensors kit (& a couple of extras for the spare wheels) and putting x4 on the MoHo and x4 on the car, then just swapping the monitor between them.
Would that work, or would I continously get an "alarm" because the monitor wouldn't be getting any signal from x4 of the sensors?
Looking at the splurb and various reviews, it seems that the sensors "go to sleep" when not being used, so if x4 weren't sensing/sending anything to the monitor (because they're on the non-moving vehicle), I wonder if it would create an alarm state?

2) It seems that they can be a pain to remove (e.g. splitting the rubber gaitor) to add air as/when needed, but I noticed a couple of suggestions to use valve extenders, and to just take those off with the sensor still attached...or, it looks like they do a "flow-through" sensor that can be left in place and inflate through it (more for HGV/agricultural vehicles, and appreciate they're "always on" so battery life wouldn't be as good, but still...).
- Are extenders a good idea for ease of adding air when needed, or would that just introduce another point of failure?
- Anyone used the "flow-through" type?

3) If these monitors are fitted, should the wheels be re-balanced, or are they light enough not to have to worry (& would that be the same if extenders were incorporated as well)?

Thanks for any thoughts/suggestions.



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