Tolls in Europe, advice needed

Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by gazza280, Jun 30, 2013.

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    Hi Guys

    Help needed please.
    I intend to do some continental touring in a few months, but I have no specific plans as yet, but I do want to do some continental touring in my new van to get some experience driving in Europe.

    However I have been reading on another site other Motorhomers experiences with Tolls in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, from what I can gather in France, the advice is, just set the sat nav to avoid tolls and I shouldn't have a problem.
    Others have been suggesting getting a "go box" for their vans if it is over 3500kg like mine. The cost of tolls in Europe is extortionate and I don't want to get stung with a large fine for the sake of not being prepared.

    So I wondered what advice other funsters could give me, should I be aware of any limitations for my 7500kg van on the continent? Any experiences they have had with tolls in Europe because that would be useful.

    This follows on from reading about the "Highway Robbery in Poland" post on 22nd June

    I am considering Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, is there any where to seriously avoid?

    With Ferry prices high, fuel prices high and toll prices high touring Europe ain't cheap. So any help would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks Guys

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    We are just back from France and found the fuel prices there very cheap $1.24/litre for diesel, paid the tolls when required but didn't find them too high and used toll-free autoroutes if they went our way.Don't know about other countries though.

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    Most, but not all, motorways in France are tolled via booths. So far as I know, all motorways in Italy are tolled via booths. In Germany, tolls apply only to vehicles designed to carry goods.
    I have no knowledge of Spain or Portugal but I'm sure an internet search will help.
    In Central and Eastern Europe, many countries collect tolls for both motorways and highways via either a window sticker that must be purchased, or a 'Go-box' (or similar) electronic tolling device attached to the windscreen. This is required for vehicles weighing >3.5 tonnes.
    In Germany, Holland and Italy, some cities have low emission zones (most developed in Germany) and to enter these, you must purchase a window sticker (Umwelte Plakette). It is cheaper to buy in Germany €5 than apply in advance via the internet. You must have your V5C with you. Unless you have a Euro 4 or 5 vehicle, I would not bother as only two or three cities still allow in Euro 3 vehicles. (Stickers are: Red = Euro 1&2; Yellow = Euro 3; Green = Euro 4&5) More info on all European LEZ here:
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    There are no tolls in Germany unless you are over 7.5t i think, so you will/might hit this. also there are travel restrictions on Sundays for vehicles of specific weights, something to check make sure you are exempt as a recreational vehicle. Buy the tolls in cash machine looking machines in Service Stations but these are for Lorrys you might need to check the rules for motorhomes.

    Austria, a one off Vignette card valid for 10 days but this is up to 3.5t not sure what the rules are for 7.5t - Click here -> The Vehicle Toll Specialists - click on the desired country

    Italy - tolls are cheap

    Spain, you are charged the same as a car as a motorhome is seen as recreational , i.e. class 1 for a 3.5t again not sure for 7.5t

    France - prepare to have your wallet emptied. For 7500 you will be class 3 or even 4 if your height is high. We went to Spain via France on 100% nationals at Xmas, there are a lot of towns with minimum height limits i.e. forcing you onto motorways or major roads, look out for those too. French motorways are run by different companies, some seem more fussy than others about the height and weight of motorhomes, we've had a few ...erm... events at peages due to our satellite dish making the autosensors sending us into CLASS 3 Commercial for our motorhome.

    Hope this helps.
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    Just back from Germany where we never even saw a toll booth! In France we had to pay a higher rate for our present hi-top van conversion than we did in our previous one although the height difference is just 0.2m. Stayed off them after that! We were paying around 1.34 euros per litre for diesel, but in Luxembourg we paid 1.18...

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    Ferry prices are not bad - shop around - there are some summer time DFDS crossings at £39 each way - so check all the operators.

    Re tolls - we avoid like the plague in France as we are nobbled as Classe 4. Italy not so expensive, but we avoid where possible.

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