Thetford T1090 making grinding sound (1 Viewer)


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Jun 3, 2019
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Hi all, newbie to this forum here!

We have an Adria Twin 2019 with the T1090 fridge. Compared to our previous compressor fridge in our last van, it seems to consume less power and we're generally happy with it BUT:

We've just had 18 days away in the van and the fridge is making a continual, repetitive grinding noise. We're running it on night mode at level three cooling, and both fridge and freezer are working well, but the noise is loud enough to keep us awake at times. If it helps, it sounds almost like a mechanical watch winder, over and above the normal compressor hum.

Does anyone else with this fridge recognise this type of sound, or is it just ours?

Many thanks.

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