There must be logic in this somewhere.

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    Jan 4, 2012
    Cannock, Staffs
    When my colleagues asked what I'd like as a leaving present I said I would prefer the money if there was a collection, as I could use it to buy a TV for my MH. Last night I was presented with a brown envelope containing £140, far more than I expected, so this afternoon I bought a TV and tonight went to fit it. All went well until I switched it on and all power from the EHU disappeared.

    It took some time to work out, but the problem lay with the connection to the house power supply. When I tried to buy a thirteen amp to round connector lead last week they hadn'r got any at the shop, so I bought a continental connector and a razor adapter. The problem turned out to be the 1 amp!!!!! fuse in the razor connector:RollEyes:
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