The Salmond effect?


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May 31, 2012
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My ghast is truly flabbered, a well known MH magazine published an article recently on motorhoming in France the article was clearly poorly researched and edited as, it claimed that Eurotunnel would not accept motorhomes over 3.5 tonnes except on the commercial service. When in fact it is "Vans" over 3.5 tonnes which have to travel on the freight service. Motorhomes up to 7.5 tonnes are accepted on the passenger service. Being a leading magazine in the field and therefor read by many new to motorhoming, I expected a prominent correction to be published.
But no, however in the letters section their is a letter published from someone who had read the article and then had to phone ET to check that they could travel, the editor doesn't apologise or accept the error, instead he suggests carrying a copy of an e mail in case Eurotunnel staff also don't know the difference between a van and a motorhome. :Doh: I have cancelled my subscription!