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    Jul 3, 2009
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    I've just come back from a fortnights 'anscestor hunting' in East Anglia, where my wife has been doing some research.

    Out of necessity, and due to the proximity of various churches, graveyards, records offices etc, I stayed at a couple of CCC sites, Sandringham, and Norwich.

    Chalk and cheese!!

    Sandringham is one of the loveliest sites I have ever stayed on. It's vast, and in a forest setting. All pitches are on grass, on a sandy base, so it's clean. A lot of pitches are under trees. The buildings are all of the log cabin genre, and extraordinarily clean. A mobile chippy visits, and there is an extremely well stocked shop, the 'Glucksberg stores'.

    The site is simply beautiful, very peaceful, and well worth a visit.

    Norwich, on the other hand is one of the meanest, ugliest sites I've ever used. It's unkempt, lacks decent facilities other than basic toilets and showers. The grounds are unkempt, with long grass, and stinging nettles everywhere. It's advertised as being right on a river bank. It is, but the river is barely wider than a stream, and the bank is unkempt and dangerous. To cap it all, it is situated immediately adjacent to a poultry farm, with all the concomittent noise, especially in the early morning.

    It's a shame really, as Norwich is one of England's great towns, and has the best permanent outdoor market I've ever come across in the UK. It's huge.

    Both sites cost around the same, both offering 'wrinklies' discounts, which makes them reasonable, especially off season.

    Avoid Norwich if you can find an alternative, but Sandringham is well worth a stay.

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