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The Funners Charity Auction


Jul 19, 2007
Sutton on Sea
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C Class Diesel RV
Since 1990
I would like to hold a Charity Auction sometime Early in December. I am sure that I can get hold of a few items to auction from some of our friendly accessory suppliers and the like. Maybe some of you guys might have something we could bid on, useful, fun or both:thumb:

I initially thought about just having the items posted to our classified section where we could bid on them ebay style.. But it occurred to me that we could have a virtual auction in the chat room with real time bids and an auctioneer, and that this would be much more Fun, Funny even:roflmto:

We could have a thread or album with photos of the items for sale, we would know exactly what was pledged, we just need to find someone who we can trust to send the cash to, who can then deposit it with the charity. I normally favour the NSPCC but of course I am open to suggestions.

What do you think?


Deleted User
I shall have a trawl through the parts store and see what I can find which would be universally useful on both RVs and Eurobuilt MHs :winky:

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