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Jan 29, 2008
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Hi everyone.
Just thought I would post some info on Gaslow for you to read.

Gaslow at Loughborough in Leicester are a fantastic bunch of people.
Richard & his crew are invaluable to know.

Gaslow & us:
We had fitted by the place where we bought our motor home 1x11kg & 1x6kg refillable system along with gauge to tell us how much gas we had in our system.
We explained to them that we are shortly going off on a tour of Europe & would like to refill the gas ourselves & overcome any problems we have with knowing how much gas we have & overcome any filling problems whilst on our travels.

Well they carried out the work; we picked up the van & wondered why 2 weeks later we had run out of gas when the gauge showed we had plenty.
I then filled up with 33 litres of gas & a few more weeks down the line the gauge still didn’t move telling us how much gas we had in our bottles.

We then had the system checked by Premier of Chichester where we purchased our Knaus Sun Ti & we were told there was nothing wrong with the gauge & we didn’t run out of gas.

Now me being me doubted their findings as I was told that to know how much gas we had in our bottles we had to do the following:
Shut off the cylinder, open the gas hob burner & burn off residue gas in pipes & then when gas is all burnt off gauge shows RED – means were out of gas – but were not.

Now the Gaslow system is pretty straight forward, easy to understand.
If you have a refillable system with a gauge, the gauge works as simple as this:

Low Level Indicator:
The Gaslow gauge gives visual warning of low gas levels when gas is being consumed by your appliance.

So quite simply, as you use gas if you look at the gauge, when your cylinder is less than 50% full the gauge will give you an indication of how much gas is left.

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Doesn’t say anything about burning off gas, or doing anything else daft.
Quite simple, quite straight forward.

So I made a call to Gaslow & explained to them that when we picked up our motor home we had a special fill carried out on the gas system.
We then run out of gas overnight on the 20-05-08. We put 33.34 litres of gas in on the 21-05-08 had the motor home checked on the 16-06-08. On the 18-06-08 we put another 23.43 litres of gas in the system, gauge still shows us as full up when I roughly only had 9 litres of gas left & according to the way Premier had told us to read our gas levels, we were out of gas.

So Gaslow asked me to carry out a simple check to determine if there was a cylinder fault. I did this & I had white mist indicating a fault on the 6kg bottle.
I then carried out the same check on the 11kg bottle & all was fine.

So it was then decided that Gaslow would like to see the system & put me straight on how the system works & how to tell your levels of gas.
So we took a drive up to Loughborough on the 19-06-08 & parked there overnight.
At 8am we were greeted by Roger offering us a brew & then Richard the boss turned up.

We explained how we were shortly off touring Europe & what our requirements were.
Boy oh boy, did Gaslow go through our system with a fine tooth comb or what.
They certainly knew what they were doing & understood our need for knowing how our gas system works & knowing our gas levels.

Anyway to cut a now long story a bit short, an hour and a half later we were sorted.
Gaslow had sorted out our cylinder fault, corrected our gauge problem, upgraded the hoses and supplied us with 2 adapters so we could run Butane as well as Propane without any problems or mixing of gases whilst in Europe, pressure tested & leak tested the system.
Everything was working 100% better & we were on our way back to Southampton.
We stopped of at the local BP garage; filled up with gas & hey presto everything was as it should be. Cylinders filled, gauges working & the hob was burning a solid blue flame without dancing yellow in it.

So from my short experience as a Motor Home owner the moral of our story is quite simply this:
A fully refillable gas system from Gaslow is a must for those who like me do not want the hassle of changing cylinders possible hose damage etc.
Read the description of Gaslow products directly from their website:

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Give them a call & seek their invaluable advice.
They have some great products like simple adapters to electronic gas level gauges etc, They have everything to make your life comfortable allowing you to concentrate on the view where your parked, not worrying if your out of gas or if all is working well.

Gaslow even gave us advice on how our gas fridge worked & its consumption & how long you could run an 11kg bottle for on the fridge alone.

In my own opinion the best thing I have done lately was to call Gaslow.
Explain to them what we were experiencing & driving up to see them.
Richard & his team are terrific, very knowledgeable & true professionals.

Congratulations Gaslow, keep up the good work.

The most disappointing thing I have done lately is to rely on the Motor Home supplier to check & test a system they fitted & for the duff info they gave me regarding how the gauge works.
They got cobby with me when I was there as I questioned the gas workings.
Was my questioning justified?
I truly think so.


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Whilst I fully agree with you about the service from Gaslow as I had them come to my home to change a bottle with a faulty valve.

Great service.

I wonder if they told you that the guage actually doesn't work (see last months MMM).

It will only tell you that you are almost out of gas, when you are.

For instance you may have used up 50% of your gas but the guage will tell you that it is still full, and will only start to move when you have used approx 80% of gas.

It is not a fault just the way they work.

Gaslow have just started getting supplies of the new bottle with a proper float guage, I asked and was told that their should be an upgrade path when better quantities of bottles become available.


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