Talbot express td wont rev above idle

Discussion in 'Peugeot' started by badger1441, Jun 26, 2009.

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    Hi all,having gone to the trouble of converting my '87 talbot express 2.5 diesel to turbo spec [good turbo,injector pump,lowered cr to 20:1,upped injector pressures,completely new 2 1/2" exhaust system, i have a problem-it wont rev up above around 2000rpm :cry:. It idles beautifully,but feels like a petrol engine with a weak mixture. I have good compression,no problems with low fuel pressure to pump [ i fitted an electric in-line pump,to make sure],took great care with cam& pump timing [it wouldnt run as well as it does if they were out+ smoke from exhaust seems normal], no obvious blockages to air induction/turbo/exhaust, injection pump is fully bled, i cracked injection pipes off one by one whilst idling,and engine speed decreases equaly between cylinders.I set the injection timing roughly whilst building,and advanced till it knocked,then backed off a tad till it quitened.....Please HEEELLLPPP!!!!:shout: Keith,dorset.
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    certainly sounds like you know what you're doing Keith,

    if possible remove the inlet hose at the turbo and try it then.....make sure NOTHING can fall/get sucked in.

    the reason i suggest this is....

    i got called out to a disco that wouldnt rev and the filter to turbo hose had partially callapsed inside....the 'inner' skin had delaminated and was getting sucked inwards restricting airflow. the outside looked fine as its a pretty rigid hose.

    took it off and it revved freely, put it on and it would only rev just over tickover.

    may not be your problem but worth a try.



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