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    This thread is intended to give some useful INFORMATION to Swift/Autocruise motorhome/PVC owners - NOT for people to have a slanging match about the manufacturer!!! ::bigsmile:

    I've been sorting out where to get our habitation service done when we get back off holiday which has been confusing as the handbook says the work must be done by a Swift Approved Workshop, but their website for our particular van (2012) says:

    There are a couple of local NCC approved service workshops but NOT a Swift Group Service Centre. One of the NCC approved ones is a mobile workshop chap but he's not VAT registered (£80 for a full habitation and damp check), or FM Caravans who are VAT registered (£120 inc VAT for full habitation and damp check).

    So I contacted Swift for clarification as to EXACTLY what I should do to comply with the warranty conditions and was told that, as there aren't many Swift Group Service Centres, and a dearth of them in this area in particular, they are now accepting habitation servicing carried out to their 'requirements' by service centres who are NOT Swift ones but who ARE NCC approved.

    Unfortunately though as the mobile chap isn't VAT registered I was advised not to use him but to go to FM Caravans who Swift often recommend anyway. We have used FM in the past when we had to have work done on a previous van and they did a fantastic job so I don't have any qualms about going there.

    So, contrary to what the handbook says, Swift will definitely accept habitation servicing carried out (to their standard) by NCC approved workshops so this should make it much easier for people to get it done without having to trek to a Swift Group approved one and, more than likely, make it a lot cheaper too! :thumb:
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    Did you get it all in writing? IF I was you I would ask them to confirm it in writing :thumb: Things can change when they have to confirm what they have said :winky:

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