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Discussion in 'Full Timers' started by lammyboy, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. lammyboy


    Apr 28, 2016
    Surrey (for now) :)
    We intend to full time from about November and would like to get insurance! It appears though that if you dont have an permanent address or a rental agreement for longer than 9 months then its not possible! - Comfort Insurance

    Any heads up/advice or comments welcome please


  2. Andy in Lossie

    Andy in Lossie Funster

    Mar 29, 2016
    Comfort are ok on "Normal" insurance as long as you use a registered address of a friend or family member and have your driving licence/electoral roll/doctors listed at that address and you visit there once in a while.

    If you don't have an address that you can use (with a clear concience) then Comfort will insure you as a full timer but it costs about x3 times as much. As far as I know Comfort are the only company that will insure you as a full timer ...... unless anyone else knows differently?
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  3. John & Joan

    John & Joan

    Mar 30, 2010
    We have been insured for full timing with Comfort for the past 6 years. We now have gone into Bricks and mortar and the insurance premium dropped from £1,400 to £350, but we had to store the MH in an approved storage site which cost us £500 for the van and trailer.

    No problems with cover or breakdowns (we had a few in UK and abroad) and unlimited mileage. I was 65 when I was first insured with them, now 73. No trip limits and cover in any one country for 180 days in a year to comply with residency restrictions. You must not leave the vehicle un-occupied for more than 36 hours without the written agreement of the underwriters.
    I asked about limiting the mileage while full timing and they said they could do it, but the premium would be the same.
    A genuine full timer/long termer does not have to have a UK residence, only a UK contact address where the vehicle and drivers licence is recorded by DVLA. They only require the electoral roll for the normal policy and there is no requirement for any other info. We used our daughters address. You risk not being insured if you fail to declare any relevant information when entering the contract or at any time during its duration. The normal policy has trip limits, the full timing one doesn't. I have heard however that they have refused some new business because of the age of the vehicle to be insured.

    I think you may have got the wrong info about Full timing with Comfort.

    This is from Comforts Horizon Policy Booklet

    Long term Touring and Full Timing

    Use of your motor caravan for nine months or more (whether as a single trip or a series of trips) in any one
    year will be treated (and rated) as long-term touring. If, in addition, you sell or let your UK property you will
    be treated (and rated) as full-timing. Please refer to the policy conditions on Page 29 for more details.

    Long Term Touring & Full Timing

    14. This policy is subject to the following conditions:

    Policyholders must maintain a full UK residence, either through ownership or long term rental
    agreement (of at least 9 months) unless a full-timing rate has been agreed and paid.
    The address shown on the policy schedule must be the one at which the policyholder is on the electoral
    roll, (unless a full-timing rate has been agreed and paid) and also the one that appears on the driving
    licence and vehicle documentation.

    Your motor caravan must at all times have a valid MOT certificate (unless not required due to age of
    the vehicle) and current UK Road Fund Licence.

    Should a copy of a utility bill (as evidence of residence at the address) be requested at any time
    (inception, mid-term, renewal, in the event of a claim) then one must be provided.
    Not required if full timing premium is agreed and paid
    We had to provide this however before they would change our policy back to the normal one. We didn't have a utility bill but the rental contract and a letter from the gas electric supplier addressed to us was taken as proof.

    I averaged over 10 years about 10.000 Km per year. UK in summer and down to southern Spain in the winter
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