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  1. chatter


    Aug 3, 2009
    Taken From Sky News

    British holidaymakers have been warned to avoid beaches in northern France because of toxic fumes from rotting seaweed.

    Rotting seaweed is cleared from Saint Efflam beach in Brittany

    One stretch of beach at Saint-Michel-en-Greve in Brittany has already been shut after a horse rider lost consciousness and his horse died.

    In another case, a council worker paid to clear beaches of the noxious plants was taken to hospital in a coma.

    Gilles Youenou, of the French Institute for Sea Research and Exploitation, said: "We would advise people to avoid the beaches in this area as the seaweed can give off hydrogen sulphide fumes.

    "This is all a result of a problem with agriculture. Nitrates have got into the water and polluted it.

    "A crust forms over stacks of rotting seaweed and when this crust is broken, fumes get out. It can be particularly lethal to dogs and other animals."

    There are about five beaches that are unusable. The problem is getting worse.

    French environmental group Eau et Rivieres

    Jean-Francois Piquot, a spokesman for the French environmental group Eau et Rivieres, told The Times that toxic seaweed has been present on beaches in Brittany for decades and is spreading.

    He said: "There are about five beaches that are unusable. The problem is getting worse."

    Up to 70,000 cubic metres of seaweed is cleared off about 70 beaches every summer in Brittany.

    Pierre Philippe, of the Lannion hospital in Brittany, said hydrogen sulphide was as dangerous as cyanide.

    He said he had treated several cases of poisoning among local residents.
  2. American Dream

    American Dream

    Aug 20, 2007
    I remember when that happened some years ago around Worthing/Lancing.

    Similar scenario. The seaweed polluted the beaches along a strip of beach making it unbearable to go on them

    The smell was horrendous and the flies.............

    Thanks for the warning.:thumb::thumb:
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2009
  3. scotjimland

    scotjimland Funster Life Member

    Jul 25, 2007
    Suffolk Coastal
    Beware of rotting seaweed being pushed through your van vents ... :Eeek:

    GAS ATTACK ! :roflmto:

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