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  1. adrenalinefx


    Jan 16, 2008
    West Midlands
    Does anyone have any advice on the best ( and dare I say Funkiest) Moped/scooter to buy... up to 125cc .... We spent a lot of time in Italy and although cycling is good for the health....:winky: the scooters were by far the better option....lazy lazy lazy...:RollEyes:
    Anyway.... back to the moped.... and also any tips on getting a supported "trailer/rack" to attach it to the back of the van...... muchly thank you x H
  2. lorger

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    Jul 11, 2008
    Hi dont know about funkiest but i have a benelle pepe lx its only a 50cc but can do 45mph they also do bigger ones. Its an Italian scooter and has big wheels instead of the sporty wee ones for young boys lol. I think it weighs about 85 kg so not to heavy. I have had 2 on it no problem dont take in in mh but use it for work every day.

  3. barryd

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    Feb 10, 2009
    Yorkshire Dales
    Dont know if it was you that posted a similar thread on out and about live but if it isnt this was my reply

    Personally I wouldnt bother with a 50cc unless its just for short journeys. Not safe on fast roads either.

    We have a Peugeot Speedfight II 100cc scootter on a rack on the back of our Kontiki. Takes 1 min to get on or off. Its a 2 stroke and goes like the clappers. 60mph no bother. Its taken us up to 7500ft in the Pyrenees and all over the Alps. I simply wouldnt have a motorhome without a scooter. Its so liberating and a whole lot of fun. Our holidays are as much about biking as motorhoming and the scooter gets us down all the little roads and alleys that motorhomes simply cant get to. Great for sussing out wild camping spots as well. Oh and you can park it just about anywhere.

    The Speedfights are no longer in production and getting one is quite hard.

    Im thinking of getting a Piaggio Liberty 125 which is just a tad hevier but again impossible to get second hand but about £2100 new.

    There is a picture of our bike at the bottom of the first page of our website

    On the subject of racks. I got mine fitted by Armitage Trailers. who did a superb job.

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