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Discussion in 'American RV's' started by stephendeakin, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. stephendeakin


    Aug 22, 2008
    North East England
    Hi there,

    Can anyone advise any companies who specialise in modifications of american RVs?

    I have an Winnebago Itasca 31H 2008 and I want to remove the combi oven from under the hob and install a dishwasher in its place.

    I also need to install more water tanks on the vehicle.

    I want to replace the awning on the side with a fully electric version

    Finally, I want to install a UK 240v hookup cable that is linked to a UK plug socket in each room.

    If anyone has any ideas / recommendations etc. I would love to hear them.

    Here's hoping

  2. scotjimland

    scotjimland Funster Life Member

    Jul 25, 2007
    Hi Stephen

    A couple of companies spring to mind who may be interested .. in no particular order:

    Stateside Tuning, based in the Cotswolds. I use them for spares, highly recommended. Give Linda a call

    Star Spangled Spanner .. A mobile RV repair service run by Dunc, well known and respected in RV circles.

    Both members on here so they will probably respond to your post ..
  3. Lindy-C

    Lindy-C Deleted User

    Hi Stephen

    We do not undertake the type of mods you are referring to, however, it might be worth your while speaking to Simon at Mercury ARV. He carries out repairs and bespoke conversions so may well be able to help you.
    Mercury RV

  4. Lew Mann

    Lew Mann Deleted User

    Oen 2 dishwasher


    I made the modification you spoke of a couple of months ago. My RV dealer removed my range/oven combo. Then they installed a VESTA dishwasher and place a 3 burner range over that.

    I did this while my wife was out of town. She didn't notice the change when she returned. She opened a wrapped gift I placed on her pillow and saw a bottle of dishwasher rinse agent. She ran to the galley screaming for joy. At first glance she thought the oven was there - until I opened the washer. We fulltime in the coach so she is very happy.

    I work at the RV dealer during the winter as Webmaster and more. Here's the dealer info:

    J.D. Sanders RV Center
    12380 NW HWY 441
    Alachua, FL 32615
    (800) 541-6439
    JD Sanders RV Center, 12380 NW HWY 441, Alachua, FL 32615, RV Sales, Service, Parts & Accessories in Alachua, Florida

    Lew Mann
    Fulltimer - Now in Gainesville, FL
    Webmaster & "Doer of Many Things"
    J.D. Sanders RV Center
    JD Sanders RV Center, 12380 NW HWY 441, Alachua, FL 32615, RV Sales, Service, Parts & Accessories in Alachua, Florida
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  5. Bugsy


    Oct 25, 2008
    You could try Dave's Motorhome Services, near Wolverhampton. Tel: 07968429111.


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