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  1. poacher


    Aug 10, 2008
    I would apprecaite Funsters' thoughts / advise please - apologies if I have missed a similar thread - I have looked, honest!

    In simplistic terms:

    I have a house and an RV

    I live in my house when I am in the UK (the summer months) - in the winter months when my partner and I are away in the RV my post (especialy the bills :thumb:) is diverted to my brother's house for him to deal with :ROFLMAO:

    The present insurers are fine with this arrangement

    It now makes sense - since the Rv is parked on a touring site for the summer 'escapism' for me at weekends - for my partner to 'live' in the RV, rather than keeping her 'bricks and mortar' flat not a million miles from where the RV is sited

    This is the point at which insurers appear to be throwing their hands up in horror !!

    I am clearly not living in it 'full-time' - my partner will obviously be living in it during the summers and, to my mind, provides additional security to that if the touring site, save only when she is at work

    Before my partner abandons bricks and mortar all together does anybody have any thoughts on 'contents insurance' and perhaps a provider, with whom we can be totally honest ??

    Thanks in anticipation


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