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Beta 3.0 is now available please check it out.

Many current features improved including the quality of the data.

Big new feature is that you can now Schedule a connection with other motorhome owners in a safe and secure way. You can then use the software to send each other locations to meet up or just use it to exchange E-mails.

It works something like this, your going to be in Paignton in June or July 2009, list this information in the connect list, if another Motorhome owner is going to be in the same location about the same time then they will E-mail you initially asking for more details, get to know each other online then meet. Have a Coffee and talk about places you have visited in your motorhome.

Download location
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Parking Database 3.0 and Firewalls

When you start the Parking Database software for the first time your firewall may ask if you wish to allow it to connect to the Internet. Please say YES. This software allows you to do a lot online including to help build our public parking database.

If you say no you will not be able to access the Internet via the software and use new features like CONNECT SCHEDULE that allows you to meet people in a safe and secure way on-line.

If you have not already downloaded beta 3.0 goto

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