Our Retirement Journey to France

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    We started out on eve of May 21st 2013 , met Phil - Taran Las at Marine Parade ready for the off, although on diff ferries we met and started our "holiday" not having to worry about returning in three weeks as the norm as our return trip was booked for the 27th July Phils the 13th

    First night was in Fort Mahon, which we norm stop at but it seems it is always windy here ::bigsmile:
    We travelled to various aires alot were free even with free leccy, no tolls roads at all, weather was very mixed end of May and June, sunny day = 2 or 3 grey or wet days ughhh

    But on the sunny days the sun was piercing , 1st half of the trip we showed Phil the area that we knew and the latter half of the trip Phil showed us the area he knew

    July's weather was marvelous , first time ever I wished we had air cond at nite time .. :Eeek::Eeek: me who loves the sun had to stay in the shade which is a first for me :Doh:

    Met some lovely and helpful folk along the way which is another story lolol

    We also met up with Bungy - Darryl and Claire on two occasions once at Gaste and then at Bergerac which I loved - Thank you Claire and Darryl for getting in touch ref to how we would love it there, the municipal site manager is ace too

    We sampled plenty of vino ..as you would along the way , it would be rude not to :roflmto:

    We did the BBQ thingy as you do also we were spoiled by Phil cooking his delicious curries l also had a couple of Mac D's but in the end bought a Trotter from SFR

    John n I celebrated Bastille Day on our own at Vendome as Phil n Bungy had to return home by then , I have seen some spectacular fireworks in my time but these were the best ever !!

    We can thoroughly recommend this Aire also the campsite here ...a stunning place , sports facilities first class, outdoor resort style swimming pool with loungers and umbrella's with bar and cafe

    Alas all good things have to end, thinking of how much catching up on the garden had to be done we decided to return home early before any rain can hit us at home, grass was waist high nearly, plenty of bl..dy weeds grown too :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    Toll charges we paid for the whole 8 weeks was 6 Euros for the Pont du Normandy and 3 Euros for the auto route at Rouen roads were closed and had no choice )

    We did choose to take the ferry 47 Euros from Royan to the Medoc :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:...

    We also had a slight prob in Bergerac as they closed the road we were meant to go down and John picked some grape vines on the way around the corner lolol:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:again another story

    I will post some pics shortly

    All in all we had a fabulous time, so much so we cant wait to go back xx

    John n Kath
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    Fiat rapido- service

    Can anyone recomend a garage to service my van in the Humberside area ,Need a full service and timing belt change .:Blush:

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