Old Austin Bus Conversion

Mar 23, 2012
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c class
Nice. I saw this at the Mello festival last weekend. Couldn’t get any closer unfortunately. I expect someone here will know what it is.
Looks to me like based on a CF pickup bed with a home made body also looks like a horse box!
Oct 2, 2008
J10 M40
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Bucher Duro 6x6 motorhome
since 1968
Its Austin /Morris FG series

Morris FG 1960-1968
Also sold as Austin S200 and 404
Renamed BMC FG 1968-1970
Renamed Leyland FG1970-early 1980sJust as the 1960s were dawning, the new FG truck burst onto the scene; with payload ratings ranging from 1½ tons to 5 tons, it would replace both the LC-series and the lower end of the forward-control FE range (see above). At its launch, the FG’s cab was hailed as a leap forward in commercial vehicle design. Uniquely, the cabin doors were mounted across the angled rear corners of the cab; being rear-hinged and rather narrow, this meant that when opened, they barely protruded beyond the width of the cab itself, thus delivering the main benefit of sliding doors in a context where these clearly could not be used. While BMC coined the term “angle-planned” to describe this arrangement, the FG’s unusual shape soon led users to refer to it as the “three-penny bit”, after the pre-decimal, twelve-sided British coin of that name.Another innovative feature of the FG was its curved kerbside-view windows, mounted at the front corners of the cab, below the windscreen. These helped the driver to “place” the truck when parking, and were also an important aid to safety in busy high streets, as they eliminated a traditional blind-spot. However, all was not sweetness and light for the FG’s driver: the “angle-planned” design had a detrimental impact on the internal width of the cab, and consequently, the seats were rather narrow – as were the doors themselves – making life tough for the more portly driver. And assuming that he could get himself seated comfortably, he then had to contend with the heat generated by the engine which shared his cab-space, and get to grips with a gear lever that was thoughtfully mounted right at the rear of the cab.Despite these shortcomings, the FG had a loyal following in the commercial market; the British Gas company was particularly fond of it, but to anyone who grew up in Britain during the 1970s the FG will be immediately identifiable as the archetypal Sunblest baker’s van. Another popular application for the FG was as a laundry van, in which configuration a capacious walk-through body was fitted to the basic chassis/front-end – with sliding doors…

The diesels were very noisy , but petrol engine version not bad , "armstrong" steering , and the brakes ! I converted a mobile shop version into a roadside snackbar for my brother back in seventies.
Aug 18, 2014
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Granduca 49
just restarted after 30 year break
View attachment 307028 View attachment 307029 View attachment 307030 View attachment 307031 View attachment 307032 Presently on the C&CC THS rally at Seaburn near Sunderland and this old beauty has just turned up turning a lot of heads, sounded sweet as a nut.
Leyland FG 450 ,that is what ours was we had back in '84.

Another popular application for the FG was as a laundry van, in which configuration a capacious walk-through body was fitted to the basic chassis/front-end – with sliding doors…
Person we bought ours off had done the basic conversion all I did was installed 220/12v, gas, fridge, hob , boiler & heater.

Here's ours.



My Fairmont parked opposite.

At Monte Gordo camping site in the Algarve
Jan 28, 2008
walthamstow east london
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renault burstner delphin
7 years campers before that
i had a few fg's in the seventies gpo had loads as mobile workshops and pole maintenance by todays standards they were awful to drive
i was driving one along the embankment one day and a copper jumped onto the step to query my lack of tax going through the usual ive only just bought, its in the post routine he forgot to actually ask me to stop or pull over half way up northumberland ave it seemed to dawn on him we were getting faster and he asked me to let him get off the minute his feet touched the ground i was of again leaving him in the middle of the rd
Sep 23, 2014
Ayrshire Scotland
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Swift Kon-Tiki 640
Since 1964 Gosh that makes me feel old.
Dads original caravanette..jpg Here's are photo's of my dads old "caravanette", obviously it looked a lot better in the 60s.
It was based on the predecessor to the FG.
My dad & our next door neighbour built one caravanette each year & hired the previous one out before selling it on, even if I say so myself, they were very good at these builds.
Each year one of these caravanette's went down to Italy for a holiday but, can you imagine a top speed of 40mph from Scotland to Naples?

Once we travelled from Aviemore to Ayr with me sitting atop the engine with a spanner to "bleed" the injectors when one had developed a leak & therefor an air lock every so often, doesn't sound too bad til I tell you that I was 6yrs old!
Health & safety, yeah right, all I knew was that if I dropped the spanner I'd be in serious trouble.
Dads original caravanette 2.jpg
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