Oh too be young at Christmas Eve. (1 Viewer)

Dec 4, 2014
Funster No
Van Conversion
Been around the block a few timesšŸ˜‰
Had a couple of invites this Christmas Eve for drinks and party games where the rules seemed to generally point you in the direction of becoming legless.

We were in the oldies group of 4 the other group of 4 being the youngsters who were definitely becoming worse for ware as each drinking game passed.
Time was called on the drinks as the host decided it was time for cheese and crackers as the vodka needed a break.
We had all brought different items to the gathering so the Spanish guest produced a large selection of different cheeses as requested :xThumb:

The pretty blonde girl (mid twenties) was tasked with bringing the crackers which she bought that day :xThumb:

Unfortunately she brought a pack of 12 which contained hats, jokes and various novelty gifts :xrofl::xrofl:

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