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Nu Venture visit

Jun 6, 2010
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Rapido 696f
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While the car was being serviced at Wigan SWMBO wanted to go to various shops, and on the way to one we passed the road with Nu Venture in.

We called in. They were up to their eyes doing last minute prep on the models or the NEC. I did not press a full guided tour, but they were more than happy, even knowing we weren't going to buy, for us to see what they had available. I wish from reading threads on here every manufacturer was as friendly and willing to engage with users. Every single member of staff seems to be enthused quite naturally with a customer service ethos.

I will certainly consider them when we downsize, and would definitely say visit their stand at the NEC if you are looking for a smaller motorhome or a conversion.

I should add I have absolutely no connection in any way to them, it was shear fluke we even saw the premises.
Jan 25, 2013
Dorchester, Dorset, UK
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Nu venture - good!

I had a Nu Venture Rio Sand for two years and absolutely loved it but it was just a bit too small for extended touring of three months or more as it had no shower and limited cooking facilities. It was with some regret I sold it and would have no hesitation in having another one when my requirements change. Its major downside was the door on the rear which did not allow any bike rack to be fitted unless a trailer was towed.....
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