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    Hi there everybody, :Smile:

    I am a new to this scene so bear with me please,

    We have not as yet become mobile, its a plan for when we retire, my partner and I have the intention of selling up and buying the largest of winnebagos as it will be our house, at the moment we live with my mother-in-law and its her house, we are her carers, so nothing of this will happen until the day comes that she is not around anymore, we are only looking around at the moment getting the feel for it, actually its my partners idea, I am just trying to convince myself of the fact that our house will always be on our backs, will that be good or bad? only time will tell.

    The idea sounds good in theory, being able to up and go where the sun takes us, we live in the UK so it can be a bit dismal and cold so to be able to get away from it sounds good, I was brought up in southern Spain so i know what the sun is like and how you can just have enough of it, i still have many doubts and worries, so, if there is anybody out there that has already done so in the past it would be great to get some feedback, will welcome it.
    bye for now
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  2. Jim

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    Jul 19, 2007
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    Hello there, you are in good company, there are many here that have done exactly as you propose. Be assured they are a friendly bunch and will be able to give you invaluable assistance.

    Welcome to the Fun:thumb:
  3. artona


    Jul 31, 2007
    Hi Notsoscary

    Have a look at our blog Think carefully about getting the biggest RV. We fulltime with our daughter in a 30 footer and its fine.

    It is easy to buy a big RV but not so easy to travel in her if thats what you want to do

  4. moandick

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    Jul 28, 2007
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    What-ho, NotSoScaredy Cat

    You want to talk to people who have sold up and gone full time - dozens of them on here - and most of them as mad as hatters, similar to Mo and myself.

    To read our story click on the link below, then click on 'RV stories' and learn all about our fortunes and mis-fortunes. :thumb:
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  5. dylan

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    Aug 31, 2007
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    Welcome notsoscary loads of friendy folk here :thumb::Smile:
  6. American Dream

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    Aug 20, 2007
    Hiya and WELCOME from me too.:thumb:

    Plenty of advice on here.Just watch the width restrictions.
  7. superk

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    Aug 22, 2007
    Check my link it could be the information you need or on second thoughts don't or then again do because it's FUN :thumb:
  8. ruffingitsmoothly

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    Jan 2, 2008
    West of Southampton edge


    Regards Pat
  9. PenelopePitstop

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    Sep 3, 2007
    Royston Vasey and beyond!
    We're DOING IT!!

    Hi Notsoscary and welcome to the mad bunch of people that are Motorhome Fun!:ROFLMAO:

    We've been living in our van 1 year tomorrow ( Monday) and the champagne is ready! We've had a blast and don't regret a minute of it!:thumb:

    Our house was sold in December and it's a great feeling to be free. At the moment we're sitting in the rain at Wolverley near Kidderminster but at least we know we can get away from it all whenever we want.

    In the last year we've toured the UK a lot and been to Norway, France, Spain and Portugal. At the moment we're doing the UK but are going to head off to Europe again in September.

    You'll be amazed at how many people are doing the same as us. You'll make some wonderful friends too - it's a friendly caring community and you'll always be made welcome - especially by FUNSTERS!!:ROFLMAO:

    Do plenty of research about the type of van you want - biggest is not always best - think about where you want to travel and make sure you have a van of suitable width and length - most campsites don't cater for the large RV's. We're in a Knaus at just under 23ft and find it's perfect for our lifestyle. It took us years of searching and changing our requirements before we found this one.

    If there's anything else you want to know you only need to ask!:Smile:

  10. billym

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    Oct 24, 2007
    I am not mad as a hatter or with a mad bunch of people ...........

    We have been homeless for 8 years . If you want to travel, a 40 foot

    RV is difficult. As others have said biggest is not always best.

    If you did not have doubts and worries you would be in a tiny minority.

    What you may not realise though is just how many people have done just the

    same. There are a few on here, a few on MHF etc etc but actually when

    you are out and about you may be amazed just how popular this way of

    life is. On this site where we are at the moment out of about 20 units that

    were on the site before the weekend there were six fulltimers all of whom

    have been fulltiming for years. Two spend their winters in Portugal. A couple

    with a young family who spend winters in America and buy an RV every trip.

    A couple with a 40 footer who for the last 8 years who have travelled

    extensively and another couple in another 40 footer who who winter in Spain

    and spent two months last winter touring Morocco in a tent and with two tasty

    motorbikes............ and us...............................

    Fulltimers are everywhere ! They come from all walks of life. Remember, it

    may seem like a life changing decision but if doesn't work for you, you can

    always go back to the way it was !!:cry:

    My Life and other stuff:

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