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Oct 13, 2012
Newark, Notts
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A couple of weeks ago I posted a thread, "CONFUSED" well now I'm not. The confusion was because I had two gross weight plates on my MH stating 3500kg, but my V5 said 3850kg and I didn't know which one to believe. I got back to the dealer I bought it off and he didn't believe that it was plated 3500 as he said that the make & model was always 3850. He asked for a photo of the plate, which I emailed him, he then sent it to Burstner who sent him a new 3850 plate which he stuck over the old plate. Apparently the previous owner didn't have a license for 3850 so down rated the MH to 3500, no alteration to the MH at all just made sure he didn't go over 3500 gross weight. I don't know how, it takes me all my time to keep below 3850. So there you are no confusion and thanks for those that advised me at the time.
Hope to see some of you at the Newark show 6th Sept, not sure about walking round with my windscreen under my arm so you can see my funster sticker. Thanks Jim.

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Surely changing the weight plate but not telling DVLA and getting the V5 changed was a pointless exercise. To all intents and purposes it would still have been 3850 wouldn't it?
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