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    Jan 22, 2014
    Hi guys thinking of doing the Atlantic road in Norway in June.wats the best route we have 3 weeks. :thumb:
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    Oct 15, 2011
    Please don't go to Norway purely for the Atlantic Road, for us it was a bit of an anti-climax.

    The Atlantic Road is a 'tourist veg' or tourist road and is free, but the tunnel at the end (in yellow below) as well as the ferrys you'd need to get to get off the island/fjord (in green) it leads to could cost you around £77 if you are over 6m :Doh::Eeek:


    Have a look at some of the other Tourist Roads if that's what you're looking for, the Norwegian tourist websites are excellent - this one is dedicated just to the roads:

    See our blog of our time there:

    It looks more spectacular then it is :)

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    We went to North Cape Norway (as far north as you can go in Europe)a few years back albeit by car. We went in April and had a great trip. Norway is a stunning country, with good roads and great people,most of whom speak good English. The country side is stunning with superb locations throughout and in June you will enjoy very long days.
    We went from Harwich to Hook van Holland, then through Germany to Denmark. Copenhagen is a good stopover depending on your taste,then on to Malmo Sweden and up to Oslo. From there 'the world is your lobster'.
    Norway is eye wateringly expensive so take as much of your needs with you. Drinks are a crazy price,so either be tea total or carry your own. My memory of paying £8.50 for one Big Mac and fries in Oslo remains with me.
    Also be careful with the driving laws, in the very north of Norway I was caught doing about 70 in a 50 zone, the fine was .....£760 and they chased me through the UK legal system so eventually it had to be paid:cry:and the drink driving regulations are severe,basically don't and watch the morning after.
    That said its a great country and is certainly on my list of places to be revisited.:thumb:

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