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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by JonnyAlpha, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. JonnyAlpha

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    Jun 27, 2010

    I have seen a Motorhome for sale, its a V Reg Peugeot Boxer Elddis Autostratus.
    27,000 miles £12,500. 11 Months MOT 7 Months Tax and appears to be in very good condition.
    From what Iv'e seen, comparing other similar vehicles its a bargain.

    However before I shell out my hard earned cash I need some advice please with regards to annual running / using costs.

    1. What is the annual road tax for this type of vehicle.
    2. How much would the insurance be, Social Domestic and Pleasure, Iv'e got over 5 years no claims?
    3. What is the going daily rate for a parking slot on a camp site (Electric Hookup), UK and Europe?
    4. What would the average MPG be (Its a Diesel)?
    5. What additional insurance would I need if I decided to rent it out?
    6. How much is a gas bottle and how long do they last?
    7. If after buying it I decided it was not for me do these vehicles hold thier value?
    8. Cost of European Breakdown cover?
    9. Will I have fun or will I regret buying this vehicle?

    A lot of questions - sorry?
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  2. Madmaggott

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    Jun 19, 2010
    From the basic questions that you are asking I would say hold off buying for a while until you have done much more research. Visit the shows, talk to lots of people and trawl the forums until you feel a bit more knowledgeable.
    A MH is a hugh outlay and not, IMO, to be done on impulse. Think about it for a long time first and, as I said above, research throughly. The experiences of others are invaluable and I for one wish I had taken more time to read the forums before buying.
    Beware bargains unless you are very knowledgeable about what faults/problems to look for.
    There are many others on here who are much better informed than me so see what advice they give.
    and, if you do eventually buy,:thumb: Happy Motorhoming!
  3. Terry

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    Dec 27, 2007
    South yorks
    1 about £165 185
    2 about 220 up
    3 uk 10 / 20
    4 22 / 27 mpg
    5 ??? need more info but some charge around 30 per day
    6 bottle size ? too many variables but various means to cut cost of gas / not that expensive
    7 older vehicles hold value well - giving what you describe you should be able to sell for pretty much what you paid--provided it is dry and in good condition
    8 around 100 but some ins inc as part of ins / breakdown cover
    9 ? fun get out and enjoy :ROFLMAO::thumb:
    all figure are approx
  4. JayDee

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    Oct 7, 2007
    N. Devon
    Sound advice from Madmaggott.
    It really does sound like a bargain.... so what's wrong with it? Maybe nothing, But?????
    We had a Peugeot admittedly older than the vehicle in question and the fault that existed with that was the tendency to jam in 5th gear when approaching roundabouts and such. It was less likely to happen if I went down through the gears (as taught several years ago) but with modern driving techniques the recommended method is to slow down without changing and execute a block change before carrying out the manoevre. This is when it would jam. Apparently it's something that these (and Fiat) engines on motorhomes are known for, caused by running for long periods without moving to charge up leisure batteries. Not something that you may pick up on a test drive. I imagine that there are other 'hidden' problems that occur that I've not heard of.
    So yes - beware.

  5. iceni

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    Dec 3, 2007
    Tell the seller you will buy it if you can take it for anther MOT test. After all if may be the seller himself or his mate that tested it. Road test it and see how it feels. Your fist van will seem weird as the body roll will be more than a car but you will soon get used to it.

    I bought the first van i ever saw when i bought my first camper 23 ears ago and didnt regret it. Had it 5 years and sold it for more that i paid for it. when i PXd it for the next one. If 12k is your price range then i would say trust your instincts. If you can smell damp then thats the only thing that would put me off but otherwise i would go for it. You can spend 12 months looking about and still end up with a bad van if your unlucky. With 1 v reg van most problems will be ironed out. The rest you can sort out yourself as this is how you find out about the practical side of things. You can get most of what you need off here.

    Its difficult (but not impossible) to get eurpoean cover for vans over 15 yrs old s bear that in mind but UK is fine as AA cover will cover most vehicles now with the standard relay and also mayday.

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