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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Phil56, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Phil56


    Jan 25, 2014
    Hi all. I am new to this forum. In fact, new to any forum, so forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong place. I have just retired from the RAF and am looking to head off to Europe for a year or so, with my wife, in a motorhome. I stumbled across Motorhome Fun just trawling about looking for information. I am amazed at how helpful to each other you guys are! Not that I know any better, but there seems to be shedloads of really useful advice on here. So........I thought I'd chance my arm, and ask for help. You see, our European adventure has yet to get past first base......we haven't got a motorhome! I've been to a few dealers and looked at some ads, read some magazines - and looked on here - and think I have some idea of the sort of specifications we are looking for, but not sure which model would meet it. Any thoughts? We think we want to get a 4 berth even though there will only be the two of us (and a Border Collie!). We thought three areas : a double bed, cooking/dining area, and a relaxing area. I was thinking a pull down bed at one end and a fixed double bed at the other might work (a sort of 'day bed')? So, my shopping list has on it: pull down bed, swivel dvr and pax chairs, kitchen/dining, fixed back bed, garage (under fixed bed), awning, roof rack, bike rack, and reverse sensors (or camera).
    Any thoughts on what we should be looking out for? Second-hand, few years old. We thought low-profile with a pull down bed (for the better fuel economy) but would a luton and an over cab bed be better? Doable for less than £30-35,000?
    Of course, if we do manage to find a vehicle then the list of questions really begins!
    Hope this is not too big a request? Appreciate any thoughts,
    Best wishes, Phil
  2. Viennese

    Viennese Funster

    May 21, 2008
    Go to a Motorhome Show to see what you like. Usually many 2nd hand ones for sale as well as new. Currently on is Manchester, while there is one at Birmingham next month.

    I went to 3 shows before I bought my present van - you need to have a good look round!

  3. grasscutter

    grasscutter Funster Life Member

    Oct 11, 2009
    East Wittering. West Sussex.
    Hi Phil and welcome. :welcomefunster:
    If you can get to any of the motorhome shows then you can have a good look round at lots of different models/layouts.
    You have made the first good choice joining this forum. It really is worth the subscription fee to become a full member.
    As I always say to people, research as much as you can as mistakes are costly.
    Good luck with your search.:thumb:
  4. Armytwowheels

    Armytwowheels Funster Life Member

    Aug 10, 2012
    Market Harborough for the Summer
    Hello and welcome.
    Best thing you can do is to pay your £10 subs then you can ask as many questions as you like on here, otherwise you only get 5 posts and then you turn black:Eeek:

    The layout you describe sounds very similar to what we are looking for, except we are looking for a U shaped lounge at the back, middle kitchen/dining and a drop down bed over the cab. Have narrowed it down to two makes so far - Hymer and Eura Mobil. There are probably lots more but that is what I have found.
  5. SteveandSue

    SteveandSue Funster

    Feb 18, 2009
    Guisborough North Yorkshi
  6. BreweryDave

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    Aug 10, 2011
    On tour!
    Hi Phil!
    Fist off, spend a tenner and join the forum - this is where you'l get all the answers:winky:

    As for which van - everyones needs are different. You can go off touring full time in a van conversion or a 40' RV - all depends if you want total flexibility or total comfort and space!
    We started with an RV, then a fifth wheel, and now in a european van. We have lived the fulltime motorhome life for over 2 years now (and many on here have done so for a great deal longer) - with no regrets!

    Have you read any of the motorhome travel blogs? Google 'theworldisourlobster' , 'europebycamper' and 'ourtour' to quote just a few. They will give you a lot of inspiration and maybe a few ideas too:thumb:

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