New Year in France

Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by stagman, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. stagman

    stagman Deleted User

    Thinking of of going to France to celebrate the new year probabally Normandy or Brittany,any opinions on this,what's on where to go would you go again,any advice would be welcomed.:thumb:
  2. hogan

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    Aug 4, 2007
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    We are planning to do the same were going to stay at Reims aire but have read some bad reports so are going to try a small village in champagne called mareuil sur ay
  3. wkdtroll

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    Jul 29, 2008
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    North Wales
    Hi fellow Roller Team owner!!!

    Only problem with France in Winter is that everything is closed!! You will struggle to find a site to stay on. Try France Passion (20 euro to join) or buy the book on Aires (£11.99) but note that facilities are very limited.

    We go further South to Spain/Portugal where a lot of sites stay open all year. We spent new year 2007 in Spanish Pyrenees which was great (but expensive). See my gallery for pics.:Smile:
  4. stagman

    stagman Deleted User

    Thanks for that,shall take a look at your pics but think it is a bit too far south for me,only got about 7days in all.I was thinking the same as you with things being closed,it was pretty quiet there back in October last year.Shall keep an eye out for you on the road ,not all that many out there.:thumb:
  5. Parcverger

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    Aug 13, 2007
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    Parc Verger - Limousin
    Just a note to say that Parc Verger is open all year, with all-weather pitches. Last Christmas we had four rigs on site, and enjoyed champagne on Christmas morning (outside). New Year's Day we had a lunchtime BBQ, and sat outside until 4pm. We cannot guarantee the weather, of course, but when the sun comes out here it gets warm very quickly.

    PM for a code that will give you a discount on Brittany Ferries - with the price of fuel now the mid-channel ports can be as economic as Dover/Calais, and for those heading here and/or south the saving on mileage and therefore time can be worthwhile.

  6. stagman

    stagman Deleted User

    Thanks shall definately check it out,may be down that way Sept do we need to book or can we just turn up.If its not too far perhaps we could join you for New Year.:thumb:

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