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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Ian_shel, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Ian_shel

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    Hi all, We are planning on buying a used motorhome at the end of the year, we have noticed that considerable savings can be made by buying a used motorhome in Germany. Can anyone give us any tips, with regards to this and insurance etc.
    Left-hand drive isn't a problem for me, I've driven lots of left-hand drive trucks.

    Many Thanks
  2. Pikey Pete

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    May 25, 2008
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    If LHD is not a problem, I suggest you look at the UK market, as LHD vehicles on sale here are usually cheaper than in Europe, though your choice is limited. I bought my used LHD Adria in the UK for a lot less than European dealers were asking for the same model.
  3. Ian_shel

    Ian_shel Deleted User

    Thanks Pete, I have had square eyes looking at motorhomes and dealers in the UK. At this present time and at the current exchange rate, buying in Germany seems a much better prospect.
  4. animalambulanceman

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    Dec 18, 2007
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    Hi Ian,
    There are a good reasons to buy a "left Hooker" from Germany and I can give you info about 2 websites of german campervan dealers .There can be problems buying from over there and when combining the cost of bringing it back here with re-registration make it non-economical.As you can no doubt appreciate if it's that good it'll be sold to a German from the forecourt as it's lhd and can be driven easily on their roads but the strict TUV (German MOT) rules make it harder to pass than over here in the UK so older and cheaper vans are good value if they are up together.Depending on your budget you could look on Ebay,using advanced search facility for camervans in Germany and Babelfish to translate if you don't understand German(like me).However if you are not in a rush to buy you could wait until the price drops for winter-End November-and then check out where the Kiwi's,Aussies and South Africans advertise their campers for sale before heading back home again.I found a lhd campervan on gumtree for myself in December for £1,800 and today there is an IDENTICAL one with 500km more on the clock on Ebay for £7,000.Admittedly I spent £250 having a little bit of paintwork done but for my outlay I've got a campervan worth 3+1/2 times more than I paid for it.It helps that I'm in Central London and a lot of travellers head for here before going back home,so viewing,negotiating and buying is easy for me.My last van was a rhd bought again via gumtree-a winter buy Jan 2007 and after going round Europe twice sold in Sept 2007 for double -after watching the price come down over a couple of months as the return flight got nearer and it had to be sold before leaving the UK.If you would like any more info drop me a line(or reply to this thread) and I'll send you the German websites.Good Luck with you hunt!!Regards Michael
  5. Ian_shel

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    :thumb:Hi Michael,

    Thanks very much for your help,I would be greatful for those website details.

    Ian & Michelle
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    Ashford, Middlesex
    Hi Ian and Michelle,

    We have had 6 LHD motorhomes bought from the same dealer in Germany and have been totally pleased with them. 5 of them were Adria's and I can really recommend them. The dealer is a diamond and will do anything to help. If you have got a model in mind and he has not got it in his yard, he'll ring around other dealers and will try and find one. He is the dealer for Adria and Frankia. A good time to buy is just after the Dusseldorf show, which is at the end of August - beginning of September, when they have got to try and get rid of the " old " models.
    I'll put the link below and any questions, please feel free to PM me.
    Homepage but not in English : MPG - Mobilpartner Gütersloh
    click on : verkauf
    click on: Fahrzeuge
    click on : zu den Fahrzeuge
    You can then change it to English.
    Any problems, just let me know and I'll help.

    Kind regards


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