New multi currency debit card with an eu bank account!


Aug 10, 2011
Alvor, Algarve
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If you're familiar with TransferWise, take a look at this. They now have a borderless account with multi currencies, whereby you can transfer money from your uk bank account into one of many different currencies and use the debit card in loads of countries, including all of Europe. If you find yourself in a non Euro country, it will exchange at the best available rate too. And you can transfer sums when the rate is good and hold it in the euro account ( which is German based)

I have used their services for many years and they are excellent, and have ordered my card. ( I was lucky enough to be invited as one of the first 1000 accounts as I've been using their service for a while now:D)
Similar to Revolut I believe, but here you have an actual bank account with an IBAN number from which you can make easy large transfers etc. as well as using a debit card for daily stuff. It's app based and child's play.

Here's a link to sign up with a free transfer included if you're so inclined(y)
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