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Oct 9, 2007
Sunny Bournemouth
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Hi there,

I'm new to the Forum and would like to introduce myself.

I'm a married man of 60 years of age but like to live the life of a 35 year old, have all the common sense of an adult but try to behave like a teenager:thumb: I really enjoy SCUBA diving, but only in warm waters.

It's 3am on Thursday morning and I'm working on my computer as I'm bored stiff and can't sleep.:ROFLMAO:

I have been Motorhoming for about 2 years or so and find it very very frustrating that I cannot get away in my Bessacarr more often. This is caused by that horrible four letter word, WORK.:cry:

My wife and I have travelled quite a bit in the UK and once on the continent to Southern Holland, spent a week in Valkenburg, Does anyone know it?. Lovely little Dutch town tucked away neatly in the Lindburgh mountains very close to the German border.

Apart from motorhoming we have travelled the world (literally) and would love to spend a year camping/motorhoming in Australia, but that dam word, WORK keeps getting in the way.:cry:

Thats about all for the moment, suppose I'd better get back to bed as she will moan at me for not getting enough beauty sleep:ROFLMAO:


Jul 19, 2007
Sutton on Sea
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Hi estcres,

Thanks for registering, I am sure MotorhomeFun will go some way to relieving your boredom. But logging on at 3am may mean there are not too many people online to chat with::bigsmile: You are most welcome
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