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    Mar 28, 2010
    This a recipe for the soup/broth that my Mum always made - hence the name. Amounts aren't exact just a rough guess.

    2 litres thereabouts of veg or chicken stock
    3 leeks - sliced
    2 - 3 carrots grated
    1 med potato grated
    good handful of red lentils
    1/2 handful of barley or rice
    tin of sweetcorn
    salt and pepper

    Saute the leeks for 5 mins in a little oil, add lentils, barley and stock and simmer for about 10 mins. Add grated carrot and potato. continue to simmer until the pulses are cooked, add sweetcorn 5 - 10 mins before end of cooking. Season to taste.

    My Ma used to boil a chicken carcass (yuk) and add some cooked chicken but I'm a veggie so had to adapt it. Freezes really well. I make it in an old pressure cooker pan or use the biggest pan you have. You can add more liquid as it can get quite thick. Usually best after standing a day. ::bigsmile: and also really good if you add dumplings

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