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Looking to buy a motorhome early next year but wondered if anyone had any advice regarding the motorhome dealers? We are looking at Brownhills (Newark) and wondered if anyone had any experience they could share with us. Brownhills have the Club Bronwhills for people who have bought their motorhomes from them and it looked like this might be a plus for somewhere to stay for a couple on nights.
Is it something worth having or is it somewhere that you can never get a space at - judging by the number of motorhomes they seem to sell!
Any information would be gratefully received.

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Jul 26, 2007
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I have no personal experience but seen endless topics that are not complimentary sadly regarding aftersales.


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Buying a Motorhome

If you are looking to buy a motorhome for the first time consider a dealer closest to your home so that if you have any problems you wont have far to travel. I would also recommend you talk to someone who is an experienced owner who could accompany you and offer some sound advice on the various models that are available. What might suit one person might not suit another. You must bare in mind that the dealer is only interested in how much money they can make out of you, once the deal has been done some aren't interested in aftersales problems. I have heard of numerous horror stories there are some real vultures out there.
Good Luck
Roland Rat:Smile::Smile:


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Jul 20, 2007
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Firstly sammydoggy, welcome to Motorhome Fun. I hope that you enjoy the site :roflmto:
Regarding your question, I have no personal experience of Brownhills but I have read plenty, and what I have read is not a good reflection of their aftersales effort. I would be very wary of buying from them to be honest, with all the bad press that they seem to get, however they do sell an awful lot of motorhomes so maybe that speaks volumes.
How much experience do you have regarding motorhomes, or camping for that matter? Do you have an idea of the layout that you want? Have you considered buying privately, there are some real bargains to be had out there at the moment, so it is worth a look. Be careful and if your knowledge is limited you can ask here, we all started sometime and have won our experiences.....
You can also get a motorhome checked over by a number of people to help you decide if it is a good buy.
What ever you decide good luck, ask all and any questions that you may have, there is always someone who can answer them.

Aug 16, 2007
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just a surgestion dont go to Brownhills at Cannock ,its a long story but believe me you dont want to go there.
Well folks, I may have to disagree.
I usually buy & sell privately, but this time I sold and I went to Brownhills without a part ex and I got a super deal!!!!
Maybe they needed a bit of dosh (cash flow and all that) but not my problem and I walked away with a van £5k under value!!!!
Granted a couple of minor things were missing, ( a cupboard door & a glass work top over the sink, and the habitation handbook)
But all have been received and at the end of the day, I got a good van at a good (private price)
But their sales people are ru**ish!!!!!
Just trust your own instincts and do not listen to a thing that they say!!!:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


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Aug 13, 2007
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From our experience Freedom are worth talking to, but we agree - get your own list of what you want in an RV/motorhome, and rate each one you see - the nearer you get to 100% the better. W manages 15.5/20, and have never regretted our purchase::bigsmile:!

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Aug 25, 2007
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Hi sammydoggy

I cannot see where you hail from but is Cumbira too far?

We bought ours from E S Hartley (nothing to do with fly fishing) at Ings on the road into Windermere. Great service so far & have been very helpful.

Keith has some vary useful points in his post but ask us anything you are not sure of. :thumb:

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Sep 25, 2007
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Went up there a month or more ago. Left my details, and told them what I was looking for. Someone was going to ring me the next day to discuss prices, delivery times etc for an import.

Still waiting.

Sod 'em


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Many thanks for the replies and for a very informative site::bigsmile:

We used to be into motorcaravans in the early eighties when we had a Travelhome mark v on a transit chassis which we had to sell to finance purchase of a house when we had to relocate after being made redundant

Have now deceided to take early retirement and buy a motor home next spring Deceided on a swift either the 630 L or the 639 EL

Whils checking out the dealers we discovered
which seemed to be an excellent idea which we would make use off.

However when visiting Brownhills last Sunday I was struck by the number of motorhomes they had and what their turnover of vans per year must be.

Does any one have any experience of using this club (Brownhills site) as a night halt is it possible to get a place if they have sold say 2000 vans each of which has a right to use this free camp is it possible to get on?

Or is this just a gimic which turns out to be useless?

I too have researched comments regarding Brownhills but am keeping an open mind for the present

P.S. Sammydoggy is a 13 year old German Shepherd


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Oct 25, 2007
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Does any one have any experience of using this club (Brownhills site) as a night halt is it possible to get a place if they have sold say 2000 vans each of which has a right to use this free camp is it possible to get on?

Or is this just a gimic which turns out to be useless?

I too have researched comments regarding Brownhills but am keeping an open mind for the present

I used the site on 2 separate nights when I bought my van from there and it was having remedial work done. It's a bit noisy from the nearby A1 but the club is great - swimming pool, sauna, lounge, coffee/tea machine etc.

As regards Brownhill service I can only praise them. All my problems were sorted out and they even replaced the old cassette tape radio with a brand new Sony CD player model without being asked! Plus I was very happy with the deal I negotiated.


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Sep 22, 2007
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We have just spent 2 nights last week on the Brownhills Newark overnight while we had some warrantee work done. We got our M/H from newark in April this year and have used the overnight 3 times now and have got in no problem. Some people stop in the normall car park over night as well but you get no electric. Dont for get to take your swimming gear, you get to use there pool etc normally on your own or with just 1 or 2 others.

As fro Brownhills we bought from them after reading all the negtive posts but we wanted a Hymer so it had to be Brownhills. We have no regrets so far and would use them again. But I think you can get both good and bad service with all dealers.


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Oct 28, 2007
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Hi just thought I would mention Barron,s Now under the Discover Flag,I live in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland ,I travelled to Barron,s/ Discover, nr Darlington, to just look , Came away buying a Bessacarr720 on a Fiat Ducato, alko Chassis , included in their deal is two nights free camping on local campsite, 12 months warranty, 6 months tax, Full sevice and great staff to deal with, worth a look they have 7 sites thoughout the country ,

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