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The following rv vehicle safety defect/noncompliance notices were received in September, 2007 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Monaco is recalling an undetermined quantity of MY 2006-2007 recreational vehicles equipped with Atwood sealed burner ranges. The range and slide-in burner tubes leading from the gas manifold to the burner heads had a depression or 'kink' in the exterior bend restricting proper airflow and gas mixture. This condition could result in carbon monoxide poisoning. Monaco is working with Atwood to have the tubes replaced on these range. The manufacturer has not yet provided an owner notification schedule for this campaign.


Monaco is recalling 3,463 MY 2002 Signature, MY 1995 Holiday Rambler Aluma-Lite Custom, Imperial, MY 1997 Aluma-Lite, MY 1998-2002 Beaver Patriot, MY 1999-2001 Patriot Thunder, MY 2000-2002 Monterey, Contessa, MY 2002 Magnum Monterey, MY 1997-2001 Safari, Serengeti, MY 1998 Renegade, MY 1999-2001 Desperado, MY 1997-1999 Ivory, MY 1997-2000 Continental, MY 1997-2000 Sahara, MY 1997-2003 Trek Gas, Trek Diesel, MY 1999-2003 Zanzibar, and MY 2000-2003 Cheetah motorhomes, fifth wheel and travel trailers equipped with a two-door refrigerator manufactured by the Dometic Corporation. The refrigerators may have a defect in the boiler tube. Pressurized coolant solution could be released into an area where an ignition source (gas flame) is present. Release of coolant under certain conditions could ignite and result in a fire. Monaco will be working with Dometic in order to repair these refrigerators. Dometic will repair these refrigerators by installing a secondary burn housing, a thermal fuse, and a melt fuse. Dometic has retained Stericycle Inc. to manage this campaign. Stericycle will assist the owner in locating dealerships or service centers and will provide assistance with scheduling of appointments.

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