MHF repaid my subs a few times over (again)

Feb 24, 2013
Bolsover, Derbyshire
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Hymer S800
not long enough
Just driven down to Biarritz from Bordeaux, a regularly mentioned new peage, with virtually no option but to use it

so approached not knowing what we would have to pay, first toll booth just after turn to Arcachon, pulled up to booth, machine asks for 15.63 euros, silly figure anyway but also far more than we expected not knowing how far it would take us

and anyway there were pictures of a motorbike with much less and a car and caravan with only 5.30 euro, Bev is just about to pay up anyway I say press the button, with which she presses the button with the union jack on, so words now read in English, now says 'still to pay' 15.63, so I suggest based on comments gleaned from here in the past, press the help button, well there technically isn't a help button, but the one next to the speaker did the trick

a litter picker headed our way to help, but before she got there the display changed to 5.30, we paid and moved on, now thinking that would be the price all the way to the border forgetting (temporarily) we were in France

so 30 or so miles further on another toll booth, same again asks for 15.63 euro, this time buzzer got answered, our Franglais explained that the price was too high, again it dropped to 5.30, then we realised we were in a card only booth, no problem we have the Caxton card (thanks Phil Taran Las) non accepte, again, not managed to use it yet!!

so buzzer again, explained the card would not work half hoping they would just open the barrier, but they asked if we had money, then came out to collect it

so we have by being members on here learnt to stand our ground, not really sure if the 15 euro was actually the right toll, but got away with 20 euros

Thank you to the posters who suggested using the buzzer (y), membership fees recovered for about 18 months

by the way sat here with second G + T 28C :cool:
Dec 21, 2011
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Since 2012
Its has never cost me anything to be a member of the Fun.

Johnscross, Dave Newell and Bob and Di at Parcverger have all taken care of the subscription over the years. :D(y)
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