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Apr 15, 2022
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Started in 2005, then took a 15 year break, back in 2022
My 2 month old Dethleffs had one of the side marker lights/indicator fail.

It's an LED unit. I removed it - just two wires and stuck on.
Tested on the bench, 100% faulty - either off, or flickering very dim.

I found the Hella PN, and the rough cost. About £40.

Called Travelworld service and explained. They said np, but they would need to check and call me back as they could not trust the PN I gave them and had to look it up themselves! Later that day, call back saying as the van is so new they don't have the wiring or technical details so have to contact Dethleffs directly.
np I say, and I email them photos, PN, links and retail cost. They are OK for me to do the change but I need to return the unit for the warranty claim, or pay for the new unit first and they will refund once I return the faulty on. All good.

So today I get an email confirming the price and availability.
"we now have a response from Dethleffs, for a replacement indicator is - £459.91 + vat 6/8 weeks lead time".

Total joke, and I told them so.

I've since ordered one online for £35, and will send the faulty one back. At least I'll end up with a spare.

The aftersales support with buying a new motorhome has really been the most painful thing I’ve had to deal with in recent years.

Here she is, all £500+ worth. Bargain.


Jul 18, 2021
The Charente, France
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Since August 2021
OMG, that's ludicrous!! Are they serious?? Well done you for beating the system!!! :D :party2:

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