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  • Hi Fellow funster,

    When the above rally was originally arranged you expressed an interest in coming, can you please tell me if you are still coming.


    Hi Jim,
    Need your kind help regarding a GPS map update... ... I already read your previous post regarding freemapsupdate. (The link is not working now). .... ..... I would highly appreciate if you could point me to the right direction-.... I got Id ”pnavi” Password”12890780” . .... ... It is not working in Nozatech Sat NAV or NAviextras tool.... .... Would you be able to help? Kind regards.
    Hello Jim, sorry to trouble you with this, I'm trying to contact mike about the tow bar but without success, I know you tried it so assume you have a number for him. Would you be able to contact him or let me have his number ?

    My number is 07802 266046

    If you could help it would be much appreciated
    Hi Chris i sent Mike a note also with your details
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