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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by buddyh42, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. buddyh42

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    Just joined as the other half & I have ordered our first M/H and are really excited about getting it, we have ordered a Toyota Granvia conversion.

    a few questions should we have a gas detector fitted as the wife is paranoid:Doh: as we both have bad chest conditions, another thing she is paranoid about is security what should we have fitted?

    Hope to see you all at some time

    Allen & Lillian
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    Hi Allen,

    Eddy or Lyn are the people to talk to about security and alarms, but the are at the other end of the country but they do have a nice camp site to stay at while they do the work.

    Van Bitz - Motor Caravan Security Systems

  3. buddyh42

    buddyh42 Deleted User

    Now got M/home but not Granvia, Bongo instead

    Well after putting deposit down on 1 vehicle, ended up getting a different one from a different garage so now trying to get deposit back,
    Extremly happy with the Bongo and looking forward to first overnight trip
  4. Kon tiki

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    Hope your happy with your new motorhome, gassing has been discussed at length on this & other forums. In the end if you feel safer by having one fitted then it might be worth the cost to you. It is more important for your security where you stop & many people can help you with good safe places to stay. The main areas of risk are near to large cities especially on motorway service areas in Europe.
  5. Hayleylulu

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    Feb 17, 2008
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    Full timing in the van
    hi and welcome:Smile:
  6. Wildman

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    Hi welcome to the site and enjoy your new van,why not try 48 hours in your drive, that way not too far to go to get extra duvet, botttle opener or whatever else you may have forgotten. (One of Jim's Motorhome checklist may help there)as for a gas alarm the only thing I would worry about is carbon monoxide. Anything else you can ecertainly smell long before it affects you. buy off the shelf in all good camping shops and hang on a hook, job done.Security wise I would add an ultrasound rodent deterrent as they can cause a lot of damage if they get in. as for two legged intruders we don't have a problem whilst out two dogs are with us.
    Don't forget we also have a chatroom, always someone there of an evening as I live there, hee hee

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