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    For info on the following:

    Culture and mentality
    Health care
    Social security
    Living costs
    Driving and cars
    Economy, State and Industry

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    An interesting link, I shall have a good read later.

    I was talking to a friend the other day and he said he and his wife were seriously considering selling up in this country and parking his RV on his father in law's land in France.

    His Father in Law moved over there 5 years ago and says that it was at that stage his life began

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    In answer

    Hi, I have owned a house in France for over 7 years and yes there are some great things about the place, I love the fact that the French always say please and thank you, that the parking is free and its very easy to get around and just enjoy being. The cost and upkeep of our home there pays for itself as we don,t pay road tax on the hymer and our two cars and quad bike and the cost of insurance is a lot lower i France then here in the UK even with the same company ie AXA.
    But there is a down side, life in are small village stops at 7.30 and the French live behind their shutters, here in exmouth you can go out and enjoy a good meal from all parts of the world, not so in france, they also don,t do good beer which I enjoy here in the winter with log fire going and talking with the other locals. French is a great place to be some of the time and is very easy for motor homing, but i HAVE SEEN FAR TO MANY BRITS living in old farm houses that no one wants on their state pensions unable to keep warm and feed themselves for me to make France my only home, no matter how bad the UK becomes its my home and I will never leave it.
    re the RV, sorry there is noway that you would be able to get French plates on an American RV, I looked into this some time back and you need to change the complete braking system to European standards and then you can,t get the paperwork needed to make French. so that would mean having to bring the rv back to the uk each year for its mot and then your insurance may be wrong as its been out the country so long.
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    HI Micheal

    Any reason why he would need an mot/insurance to park his rv on his father in laws land. In the UK you only need those to use it on the road. If off road you use something called sorn. Is that different in France?

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    Parc Verger - Limousin
    We agree, there is so much that is great about living in France. OK, the cost of living is not that different, but the people here are friendly and helpful, aiding us as we learn french, and accepting us into the community. The local bar is open all day till late, with a restaurant that offers pizzas to die for, steaks, etc, and we have other restaurants where you can tell how good they are by the commercial customers they have.

    Traffic is light so driving is a pleasure, and the weather is generally better than the UK. Where we live are many lakes and forests, so we have to expect some rain, but the sun is warmer this much further south.

    So sitting outside for meals with baguettes, cheeses, wine and salads on hot days, having the neighbours in for soirees, yes, we'll run with the comment from artona's father-in-law that life began on arrival in France. We wish we'd taken this step years ago!

    Bob and Di

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