Laptone USB wireless adapter.

Discussion in 'Computers' started by MikeandCarolyn, Mar 5, 2014.

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    We have just moved house and,so,when Talk Talk had connected us,I decided to run speed tests on everything.
    Carolyn's laptop (old Asus) gave 10Mbs :thumb:
    Mine (Dell) only gave 4.6 Mbs :cry:
    And,even worse,my desktop (built by me 8yrs ago) returned 2.6Mbs-it was connected via Power Sockets and a Lan lead.

    I decided to change my desktop to a wireless connection and ordered a Laptone USB wireless adapter from Amazon. Because I had forgotten to change my address for 1 click purcachase it took 3 days to get here :Rofl1:
    Any way,this morn I disconnected the Lan lead,plugged the USB adapter in-Windows 8.1 detected it and loaded the drivers.
    Bingo :thumb: 10.2 Mbs.

    This afternoon I plugged it into my Dell laptop,had to use the mini disc supplied as Win7 couldn't find drivers,but,5 mins later I was able to connect using it,and,guess what-10.2 Mbs

    I am well pleased,and have ordered another one :thumb:


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