Laika Ecovip 8.1 Control Panel Fault - Help Please! (1 Viewer)

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Sep 8, 2021
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2005Laika Ecovip 8.1
We have a 2005 Laika Ecovip 8.1, in around 2012 the control panel was upgraded/updated on direction from Laika to a Nordelettronica NE132 & NE133. One of the elements is the control panel and the other is under the passenger seat with a fuse panel and panel overide switch. The two units are connected by a data cable with computer style serial plugs.
Everything was fine until 2017 when it displayed 'No Connection' on the control panel. Using the overide switch most stuff works (pump, lights etc.).
I sent it to Apuljack Engineering, they did whatever wizardry they do and returned it, all fine again until earlier this year, same fault occurred I sent it back to Apuljack, they ran their tests and couldn't find a fault, when I refitted it into the van all was fine again (Gremlins obviously gone on holiday!) until a couple of weeks ago, once again 'no connection'.
I've done a continuity check on the 9 core data cable, continuity seems okay, I've made up a test cable with new serial connectors and new cable - this makes no difference. As soon as you connect the two together the 'no connection' warning comes up, so they are obviously talking to each other 'a bit' !
I have no wiring information for the panel and very little for the van, can anyone provide guidance on what I do next please?

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