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Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by thehutchies, Sep 9, 2007.

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    Aug 31, 2007
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    The Wheelèd Shed
    Remember when making mud pies and eating worms was sophisticated entertainment?

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  2. Geo

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    Jul 29, 2007
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    I do indeed, and originating from way up north an old bike wheel with the centre and spokes removed, was driven by a short stick for mile and miles, my memory fails me at the moment but I think we called it a"girder", also picking up large pigeon feathers apply a blob of soft road tar (we had real summers then) to the bottom and throwing them in the air to make helicopters,1meter garden canes with a dart barrel on one end and a paper flight made Zulu spears, Oh the imagination ran riot,
    Any more favorite pass times up to the age of 12, I found girls then :Sad:
  3. johnsandywhite

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    Jul 29, 2007
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    :Cool: Our daughter Mandy who is now 27 years old was using my Amstrad CPC 464 with add-ons to play games and was even typing in Programs that I had written for her at the age of 6. :Wink:
  4. fordy

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    Hi that's the same with my kids how its all changed now days, my 6 year old was doing his home work on the laptop, so i asked if he needed me to set the printer up
    all i got was why i have emailed my work to the teacher:Eeek:
    i must be behind the times with the schooling now.:RollEyes:

  5. vanessa

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    We called the dart ends on canes "Dutch arrows" - but we threw them with the aid of a piece of string used as a sling - along the same principles as the modern-day ball-slingers for dogs. Why was hanging your action man out of the window on a piece of string so much fun?!! We also made parachutes from carrier bags, and threw our action men off the local cliff top (where there is now a fence which stops you going anywhere near it "in case someone falls off!!!). Oh those were the days!!:Wink:

    Chris - not Vanessa

    Ah, but us girls spent hours playing mothers-and-babies, climbing trees, scrumping for apples and plums, making dens in the local woods ... and in the winter, tobogganing down the local hills, and digging cars out of snow-drifts and telling the drivers how to get up the hill!!

    Fordy - a 6-year-old sending attachments! I'm impressed!!

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