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Aug 19, 2013
Wells, Somerset
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I posted this on another thread, which really was a bump. It was just regarding some of the jingoistic Brxxxit stuff you read on this and other forums.

it goes ...

I first visited Europe in the late 50s, as a passenger in my parents car, a 1959 Ford Anglia - the one with the reverse angled rear window. It was a brave and sparkling yellow and white. We'll show the Johnny foreigner our the quality of our English, err, American-ish cars. The passenger door had to be tied in to stop it flying open. It only had 4 speeds, and one of them went missing. The brakes went on a mountain pass. It was rubbish (the car) . But we loved it. Europe, that is. It was so vibrant. So different. It lived for the moment. So that magic has remained for me. I've been back many times. Later on I went with my new girl friend, later, wife. In my brand new red Austin-Healey Sprite. The brakes went on a Swiss mountain pass. It and I just survived. I took my own kids later on in a brand new Austin Allegro - the one with the square steering wheel. The suspension collapsed every 3,000 miles, and since we did 3,000 miles ... and of course, the brakes went , etc. It too was rubbish.

I missed out the European trips I did with my Velocette Viper. You had to throw all your weight on to the the kick starter, you'd crash down on the seat, and the kick starter would fail mid-way, or kick back. It's amazing I had any children. A wonderful example of Britlish engineering.

We now have no truly British mass production cars. I wonder why. Still, let's make Britain great again.
Aug 26, 2008
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I remember well the Healey Sprite. Modded for club rallies with a half race engine, adjustable shocks and other bits. DS11 brake pads solved the brake fade but they needed warming up otherwise you had no front brakes at all and it would spin when the rears locked. I also had a rally Cooper S for a while. Big fun. Both needed a lot of spannering and replacement bits.
Sep 22, 2017
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I think we should and probably will make our own proper British cars again. The Germans may have bought the old models but lets face it, Britain is the real brand. Looks like we will have loads of available skilled workers and vacant car making plants once they have all buggered off.

What should the new British car models be called I wonder...


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