How many % of breakdowns are due to manufactures? (1 Viewer)

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Dec 27, 2007
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Hi I have just posted this on the dark side,It may prove intesting if Swift answer,:Smile: Not sure if they know about this side

Hi,I just wondered How many % of breakdowns are due to manufactures? or what % was due to say Trauma,dometec etc,things breaking down.(assuming they have been fitted correctly)Perhaps Swiftgroup keep figures? as to how many warranty claims are made or for poorly screwed together or actual -say -fridge breakdown etc.If figues are kept then say 20% are due to dometec etc,then no matter whose m/h is made by then you know to expect that amount of failure,if this makes sense?ie if say both swift and hymer both used the same fridge etc, a % of breakdowns would be down to dometec and a % down to swift or hymer?Not asking for cab breakdowns as everybody has favs vw,merc,fiat etc.


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Oct 16, 2007
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My view is that the larger portion of faults or breakdowns are the result of the manufacture rather than the equipment, if you trail through the forums it is clear most people suffer from poor build and a lack of understanding by the manufacturer.

Here is an example, I recently checked a new voyager, I found that there was at least 20" of wire pushed down by the fridge burner just waiting to melt, the fridge was not correctly sealed allowing fumes into the vehicle and the heat deflector for the flue is in the wrong place for the fridge fitted, this was one of many faults soley down to the build quality.

I lifted this from the other site

" Has anyone else got a problem with cracks on the roof around the Heike rooflight over the island bed, or any other 2007 Swift model come to think of it.
We thought the problem was the rooflight but the dealer has found numerous cracks, some over a foot long, all around this area.
The dealer has temporarily covered these cracks with silicone to avoid any further water leaks. We have also noticed the bathroom door now catches the oven handle when opened, previously it was over half an inch away. Could this be associated with the leaks, we wonder. "

This is in fact a problem across the whole range, at first it was called condensation but it is now apparent that the roofs are seperating at the front and cracking around the roof windows.

So my vote 80% manufacturer>:)

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