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    Sep 25, 2012
    United Kingdom
    hello all. i own a vw camper. 1983. too small for us. no toilet. no shower. i use it as my daily car and its good for that except theres nowhere to park it in town due to car park barriers so i walk everywhere and effectively have no transport. does that make sense? me and hubby drove it to corfu, august upto now. we managed ok but need to get bigger.
    hubby and me have our differences. i want to live in greece, in a house with a garden to grow veg and keep chickens. and a touring van so we can do greece , italy france etc. he doesnt want that. he says he wants a big van to live in which will be static for several months at a time where ever we choose to be. so, how is it for you live in van people? do you stay in one place for long? if so, where can you do it? we have seen the french aires. can you stay in them for long? btw, van living isnt new to us. we spent a long time travelling europe in a big vw conversion early nineties. i'm looking forward to your replies and also to investigating this site.::bigsmile:
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    Hi and welcome to fun.

    We dont live in our motorhome but we do travel regularly in it.

    Much as we would like the freedom of motorhoming full time, we want to ensure that should the time come that either of us cannot drive, that we have bricks and mortar to return to and we are not stranded - perhaps a confidence and safety-net thing.

    There are funsters here from all walks of life, some who full time and some who dont.

    People of all ages and all sizes of motorhomes/campers and even a few caravanners too (apologies if this isnt the right term) but all of us are funsters.

    All partnerships have their differences but from what I have seen through research and talking most give and take and usually come up with a solution that works for both.

    Good luck and welcome to fun
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    Feb 27, 2011
    Welcome to the club :thumb:

    I am a fulltimer. The biggest upside of living in a Motorhome is that you are not tied down. If you want to stop in one place for months then move or want to move weekly or even both you can.

    I tend to move once I get bored of a place although I haven't travelled as far as I wanted to when I went fulltiming. Sometimes I will move after a week sometimes as much as 2 months go by without me moving. I never pay more than a week in advance on a site so that I can leave as soon as I want to.
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    Nov 7, 2010

    Welcome aboard:winky:

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